Nicole Scherzinger Speaks on Rachel Crow Ousting

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For the record, Nicole Scherzinger did not send Rachel Crow home on Thursday night.

This X Factor judge instead chose to let America decide between the 13-year old and Marcus Canty, yet Scherzinger is the panelist facing the harshest fan rebuke after Crow's name was called for elimination.

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"My heart comes from the right place, so I get really sensitive when people are negative," the former Pussycat Doll told reporters after the show. "Don't [critics] know I only want the best for every single person?"

Nicole added that she thought Canty would be selected by voters, though they never got a chance to hear Crow's incredible survival song.

"When I saw that look on her face, [I felt] that I had let her down, like I dropped her," Scherzinger, who shed tears for 30 minutes after the episode, said. "I could have been holding on and I dropped her. She is the sunshine of our show, so it's hard to see her cry."

Crow, however, has come out and said the public should not blame Nicole, while the young crooner's fortunes are already looking up: sources say Disney has requested a meeting with Rachel.

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Bottom line, if you can't do the job at hand that you were hired to do AND paid to do, then resign and vote from home like the rest of us!! Nicole has is out for Simon and vice versa, but their bickering should NOT affect the way they vote (Nicole!!). It's a TALENT show, not a favortism show.


I am just worried that this incompetent judge will do the same with the most talent singer Melanie Amaro. Nicole does not like Simon and his contestants, that's the root cause of all the issues happening. Paula please don't you do the same mistake as Nicole did.


Firstly, no one's ever been a judge on a hit reality show that has millions of viewers, so therefore just about all of your comment's hating on Nicole should be dubbed null. Secondly, yes, Nicole should have "manned up" and chosen to send Marcus home as she clearly favoured Rachel. It was cowardly of Nicole to pass the decision to the public and she is paying for it. But give everyone a break. It was America after all who gave Rachel the lowest votes, not Nicole. So blame yourselves rather.


If they were to re-make little orphan Annie, Rachel would be perfect for it


I don't blame Nicole, this is a hard thing to do I feel they both had an amazing save me song , but in the end the voters are the ones that gave Marcus the more votes, And I feel LA Reed played a part in that because he made a comment about Rachel, that her heard she will have a career outside of the show like her may have some inside information, and maybe ppl thought no matter what she'll be fine so they probly didn't vote for her. I think in the end she'll be fine in the industry. I wish them all well.


How dare you say that nicole isnt responsible for rachels exit, damn you X factor panel. That guy deserved to go through but i think rachel deserved it way more. This is not good for the show, everybody could hear that shes the 1 but nicole just had other pathetic ideas, such a simple decision she had to make but then she made it hard for herself . Right now i dont think i could ever ever want to hear nicole and her pathetic excuses...I LOVE YOU RACHEL


I couldn't agree more with Wendy ... she said it all perfectly. I'd just like to add that I can't imagine why the X FACTOR judges aren't held to the same standards as the contestants. In fact the judges where hideous this first year ... there was more fighting amongst the judges that took a lot away from the performances... it was more like tuning in to see the "judge fight" rather than the performances or results. I do believe both Paula (who I normally LOVE) and Nicole need to go ... neither of them lived up to the expectations of an X FACTOR judge. And LA was close behind them. Please make some changes for next year or it's just not worth watching....


Guester, so a Nicole breaks down and cries like a four year old but in your head it's the 13 year old you want to label as emotionally disturbed? So then how would you define Nicoles pre- judgement breakdown and her post judgement breakdown ?


I was very annoyed that Nicole could not clearly pick Rachael as the winner of the "save me song". That is the whole point of that part of the show. The bottom two sing for their life and the judges decide who to keep based on that performance. If this was American Idol we would just kick out the bottom act, but this is Xfactor not American Idol. Nicole needed to get her act together and pick the act that performed the best. Yes, it must be hard to have to send someone home, but Rachael cleary won that battle, and even though it would be sad to send home Marcus,Nicole need to do it. I think even Marcus knew she performed better than him, and he was going home. To top it off Marcus was in the bottom 2 for the thrid time! WTF obviously america wants him gone. I think Nicole should not be a judge because she has no backbone, and she is very annoying as a judge. I hope they get rid of her if this show goes on for a second season.


I blame Nicole--plain and simple, Rachel rocked her song and Marcus didnt so Nicole you should have sent home Marcus--You have lost me and my family and lots of our friends because of your selfishness..... Thank goodness Disney is looking at her.. and hopefully she will become bigger than you --she is already more grown up than you Nicole

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