Nicole Scherzinger Speaks on Rachel Crow Ousting

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For the record, Nicole Scherzinger did not send Rachel Crow home on Thursday night.

This X Factor judge instead chose to let America decide between the 13-year old and Marcus Canty, yet Scherzinger is the panelist facing the harshest fan rebuke after Crow's name was called for elimination.

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"My heart comes from the right place, so I get really sensitive when people are negative," the former Pussycat Doll told reporters after the show. "Don't [critics] know I only want the best for every single person?"

Nicole added that she thought Canty would be selected by voters, though they never got a chance to hear Crow's incredible survival song.

"When I saw that look on her face, [I felt] that I had let her down, like I dropped her," Scherzinger, who shed tears for 30 minutes after the episode, said. "I could have been holding on and I dropped her. She is the sunshine of our show, so it's hard to see her cry."

Crow, however, has come out and said the public should not blame Nicole, while the young crooner's fortunes are already looking up: sources say Disney has requested a meeting with Rachel.


Ummm okay, so everyone is getting all pissy for no reason. There are far worse things in life for Gods sake -_-


nicole,i liked you but i realised that u are a faking drag.....get out of the judge panels..X factor doesnt need u..


Rachel Crow was the best thing that XFactor had, and Nicole let her go. I sure hope that she becomes more famous than all the rest put together. You show them Rachel.


Guester, you obviously know nothing about Rachel & haven't been watching. She is a really good kid who loves her family and loves to sing. She is charming and lovable. She didn't throw a tantrum, shes only a kid who was seized with shock and just couldnt breath. This show is a pressure cooker for kids and adults. Rachels family is poor and her dad is sick with MS and she is most upset at letting her family down. She is the least spoiled kid you could ever find. She has a big heart and loves everyone. All these months she has been dealing with the x factor rehearsals, hair, wardrobe, etc. and unlike the adults on the show spending 4 hrs per day in school. All this after dealing with her grandfathers death between shows and worrying about letting her family down. Shes a good & loving child who is extremely talented. I wish her all the best. She deserves it.


It is such a pity that the X Factor has degenerated into an ego contest between the judges with the contestants reduced to being pawns. Too many of the votes cast by the judges are clearly for their own reasons and are not their true opinion of the contestants.

Avatar surely did oust Rachel. America put the two of them in the bottom therefore they sang for their life. Your job was to judge that performance. You did not. You didn't want to send Marcus home so you bailed on them. You know Rachel was much better that night. Marcus couldn't even get the lyrics right for "A Song For You" the night before. Number 1 talent reality show rule of thumb: NEVER SING THE WRONG LYRICS!!!!!!!! He continually sang, "A Song TO You" throughout the song. You failed us. America would have gotten it right had it been for the previous night but it was not. You bailed. I don't trust your judging anymore.


@sonya I agree fully with you. And if you watch carefully you would see that before LA could tell Nicole anything she was calm. I'd say that LA is either threatening Nicole or has some dirt on her!!! Why else would she start crying hysterically after he told her something??


I think it is DISGUSTING that Nicole is being paid for NOT doing her job. She didn't want to make a decision and send Marcus home, who should have been sent home weeks ago, because she has an issue with Simon. This is NOT the first time she has done this to Simon's girls. She sent home DREW after Simon begged her not to blame Drew for his mistake. She saved Marcus AGAIN. She is a HORRIBLE judge and mentor in my opinion. What kind of experience does she even have? Spice Girls, really?? She is VERY lucky she has Josh, and he doesn't seem to listen to her, and does it his own way, Thank God! She should think about doing adds for Kleenex, since she goes through enough of them! If she is on next season, I will NOT be watching. I stopped watching "Idol" when Kara joined, too. Too much self absorbing, self centered, wanna be divas, who wish they had 1/2 the talent of these kids!


Nichole is so fake. How do we know Rachel didn't get enough votes Marcus NOWAY sould still be on the show. If u watch the show nichole looks at LA BEFORE SHE VOTES HE SAID SOMETHING TO THE BITCH!


Guys there's a huge possibility that Nicole could come back for the next X Factor. But we can stop it!! How??? Let's start a petition against her like how some people started one against KK. This petition would state that Nichole should/Must Not be a judge in anymore television series. That way we can prevent this from happening to another talented star (in the making!!!!!)

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