NBA Fans to Kris Humphries: BOOOOO!

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Over the past decade, the New York Knicks have given their fans plenty of reason to boo. Eddy Curry, anyone?

But the crowd at Madison Square Garden reserved its venom last night for an opposing player, as Kris Humphries took to an NBA court for the first time since his divorce from Kim Kardashian. Listen to the extended, loud reaction now:

It doesn't sound like anything will get better for Humphries, either, as half the respondents in a new Nielsen poll voted the power forward the Most Hated Player in the league. He beat out LeBron James by two percent.

See, that's what happens when you take your talents to E!.

Fans booing Kris Humphris: Fair or foul?

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Why are they booing Kris. It wasn't his fault that Kim is a spoiled little rich girl. In my opinion all those Kardashian girls are the same. I am done watching them on TV with all their selfish Drama>


Come on and give the guy a chance... He blew it, but we all make mistakes, he was bambozzled, so don't punish him the rest of his life.