Michelle Duggar Reads to Unborn Baby at Memorial Service: First Listen!

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As you may know, Michelle Duggar of TLC's 19 Kids and Counting fame tragically suffered a miscarriage this month. The family has grieved in its own way ever since.

The family not only held a memorial for their 20th child, where they Tweeted pictures of the fetus and Michelle read a letter aloud that she had written to little Jubilee.

Like we said, they grieve in unique fashion.

In the recording (above), Michelle sounds more upbeat and happy than you might think as she reads to the daughter she never got to know - in this world at least.

She also refers to Jubilee as baby #21 - she had another miscarriage earlier in life - as she recalls all the moments they spent together this year. It's ... interesting.

What do you think of the Duggars' way of honoring their unborn baby?


I don't think Michelle was too upbeat or happy. Every woman has a different time frame when they accept or come to terms with their loss. What I don't understand is why the service is still being written about when it all could have been said in one. I've watched their show and I find it highly unlikely this is an attempt to milk the spotlight.


Why do we all think we have a right to make decisions for other people?! The Duggars are grieving in a healthy manner for Christians who believe that life begins with conception. Why must they put up with everyone's opinions when none of us have walked in their shoes? Leave them alone, pray for them, and see them for what they are--a family who stand firm on their value system and ideals. They are not perfect and should not be put on a pedestal. The Duggars should be respected for their way of raising children and nurturing each other. If there were more who showed a love and respect for others, as this family does, there would not be all of the struggling one-parent families and homeless people and all of the people who are trying to find peace through drugs, sex, etc. We would be caring much more for each other rather than judging a family who is trying to do right by what they believe the Bible teaches them.


I'm sorry they lost the baby but its a sign enough is enough. She getting way too old to be having babies. The cut off is 35, they should considered themselves blessed their last little girl made it. Plus they're gonna have 100s of grandbabies runnin round soon.


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