Michelle Duggar Reads to Unborn Baby at Memorial Service: First Listen!

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As you may know, Michelle Duggar of TLC's 19 Kids and Counting fame tragically suffered a miscarriage this month. The family has grieved in its own way ever since.

The family not only held a memorial for their 20th child, where they Tweeted pictures of the fetus and Michelle read a letter aloud that she had written to little Jubilee.

Like we said, they grieve in unique fashion.

In the recording (above), Michelle sounds more upbeat and happy than you might think as she reads to the daughter she never got to know - in this world at least.

She also refers to Jubilee as baby #21 - she had another miscarriage earlier in life - as she recalls all the moments they spent together this year. It's ... interesting.

What do you think of the Duggars' way of honoring their unborn baby?


@Fuzzman are you really that stupid. Common sense would tell you that!!!!!!!


Whoops! Just found out that they DID, however, post it to their personal website after than happened, so nevermind! Same thing I guess! (Since I made my last comment without signing in, I can't delete it)


THG- The Duggars did NOT tweet the pictures of their unborn baby, a guest at the memorial service did, and then removed them from her twitter. Please correct that. Visit your site all the time (you guys crack me up!) and I believe you have the right to criticize anybody you/we want, but... to be fair, it should be for things they've actually done.




"when you die you don't take your earthly material with you" Are you speaking from personal experience? How do you know?


@Fuzzman your right a down syndrome person is the work of God and that's because when you die you don't take your earthly material with you all you take is your soul.
I'm getting the feeling that your an atheist. I have a question for you:
I'm eating a apple. Is it sour or sweet????? You won't be able to answer that because you never tasted the apple I'm eating. Just like that you've never tasted jesus!!! So don't judge and criticize before trying!!!!!


@Dana - You do understand that The Bible is a work of fiction and that it is used to justify all kinds of crazy behavior, right? She should keep trying to have children. After all, a baby with Downs syndrome is one of God's creatures too. Good luck!


I am really sad to hear that, because a friend of mine recently suffered from a miscarrige. :( i am happy to hear though, that these people appreciate children and take the loss responsibly. However, i agree that you need to stop
Having children or something very bad can happen...mom and baby.


Although l feel bad for the lose of their baby they need to take a hint and stop now before something more tragic happens. She isn't as young as she once was and she's jeopordizing her own life. Seriously as wonderful as children are who in their right mind needs that many. She said that they don't view children as a financial burden, career changer..etc neither do l, but l feel that in order to be the most effective parent one shouldn't have to divide their time, attention, and love in so many ways. Sure everyone is loved and cared for but wouldn't they receive even more of that without bringing more children in the picture? They can say what they want now but mark my word somewhere in the future at least one of those kids is gonna come forward and confirm my belief. Until then l'm going to pray that she finds some source of birth-control and focus more on the children she already has and stops trying to make more.


Reading to their Unborn Baby at Memorial Service was the most beautiful thing!!

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