Marcus Canty: Horrific? Grotesque? A Joke?

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Simon Cowell is not a fan of Marcus Canty. That was made clear early in the week when The X Factor judge dismissed any notion that Canty had a shot at winning this year's $5 million grand prize.

But Simon drove his negative points home even further last night, responding to Canty's take on "Careless Whisper" with the harshest criticism leveled at a contestant this season.

"That was horrific. The grotesque performance. This was a joke," Cowell said.

Ouch. Will Marcus once again find himself in the bottom two on tonight's results show? Does he deserve a spot there? Watch his pair of performances from last night and decide now:

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Oops "alwayS".. Oh yeah I LUV MARCUS'S VOICE!!!!


I luv them all but my vote alway went to Marcus. I wish Marcus had won because he is the X-FACTOR. He's a WONDERFUL PERFORMER & HAVE THE LOOK. Melanie is a voice that we hear all the time, Josh I just luv his voice and Chris is just multi talented even tho his vocals are not real strong but he does the D*mn THAG!! MARCUS is the one that should've won and I can't wait for him to drop an album because I will be the 1st one to buy it.. "Congrats to all of them" #TEAM CANTY :-}


Ok, TX you don't want Josh to win. So who did you want to win? Bobby Brown or Vanilla Ice?


when josh sings its like base vibrating through your body truly amazing talent your x factor winner.


It's amazing to me how untalented people can judge and talk about who's great and who's not. It clear that these idiots go off Simons every word, and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know YES, X-FACTOR IS RIGGED. Oh, PS I hope Josh DON'T WIN!!!!


I am really not a fan of these shows. I watch them every once in a while. I tuned in a few weeks ago and heard Josh perform. His voice penetrates my soul. I am now hooked on X Factor and pray that Josh wins. Melanie is good, but there are a lot of good female singers out there. Chris just does nothing to entertain me, I would rather watch the commercial. I have gone to X-factor's web site and listens to all of the songs by Josh that I could find. I leave it wanting more. If Josh doesn't win, there is something really wrong-He is the X Factor.


If the guy wants to sing and perform ----I say let him he can join the bunch who awful!!!


Chris is AWFUL, I pvr each episode and just fastforward through his performances cause I'm embarrassed for him. He's cute and has huge "likeability" factor, but if this man wins...omg. And the comments the judges say? Come on


I think that while Marcus is the least talented out of the final four, he was the best performer and was the closest to having the x-factor, image and performance wise. A shame he wasn't more talented!!


good for him -nicole knew who had to go home las week but wasent brave enough. i stopped watching last week.chris sucks to me unless he is singing his own songs. then he might have a chance.