Lindsay Lohan Playboy Cover: Leaked Online!

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Lindsay Lohan's Playboy cover was supposed to be unveiled during the star's visit to Ellen on December 15, but (Li)lo and behold, it's been leaked a week early!

Or at least a grainy cellphone pic of it has.

The cover was first posted by The Insider, and is actually pretty safe for work, featuring Lindsay Lohan nude and covered by a sizzling red Playboy logo.

Whether this premature leak will help boost or hurt sales of the much-touted issue, which features Lindsay channeling Marilyn Monroe, is another story.

Take a look at it after the jump ...

Lindsay Lohan Playboy Cover

Ohh yeah. Guys, you even able to contain yourselves right now?

On the one hand, it's hot stuff. On the other ... we've seen it before, in other magazines, for years, so it's unclear if this is going to excite the masses or not.

Lindsay Lohan in Playboy: How does that sound to you?


Lol! It doesn't look much like her, but even with all the makeup, hair, and airbrushing, you can see how the drugs have sucked the tone out of her figure. I think posing at this point only serves to make her look desperate and tacky.


Mr, "Inass," what are you, five?


This is a very beautiful and talented young woman. I hope she gets her act together before it is too late. I was really looking forward to seeing her in new movies. I enjoyed every movie she played in and she is certainly got the talent and looks to do way better than playboy. I blame a lot of things on her family but she is now old enough to take responsibility for her own life.


Oh Ew. Oh gosh if that is the image I feel very sad for her! it is ugly and that age I wouldnot have wished to show my boobs in public if that sagged that much. But I will say she looks like what she is an addict and very unhappy person without talent, appear or respect for self or others!


Thats too bad she has to come back to fame by posing in the magazine, uit is a terrible picture. I was hoping she would wise up, grow up and get her carrer on track, She is pretty and talented and I have always liked her. I wish she would get rid of her mom and get her carrer on track and use her brain for something. Be a role model of some sorts. Not a hot chick for guys to look at and discard. so sad. grow up girl


Hey Lindsay, how does on old, old, mans cum taste, cause i know you had to suck hef's cock and swallow his load to get him to put you in the magazine.


I wonder if her career will become nonexistent just like Latoya Jackson's after Playboy? Not like SHE had a career to begin with.


Hey, it's a job, and those are in short supply for this lady these days, in no small part because of her own actions. (Yes, I know that.)


Some men would look at anything, ugh!


My gawd, from JAIL BIRD, to PLAYBOY front cover girl. Like WHAT NEXT, will this SICK broad stoop to, for the all mighty ATTENTION. Oh well, guess good ole Hollywood is loaded with A-LOT of these kind of attention seeking SICKO'S. Also, glad to NOT, hear anymore about that SICKO broad, who was after Justin Bieber for child support for her baby. It never ceases to amaze me, how many of those kind of SICKO broads are out, who ARE looking for FREEBEES. Kind of amazing how FAST these kind of broads FADE in the end, all because it is BULLSHIT, that THEY had made up in their corrupted mind in the first place.


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