Lindsay Lohan Cast on Big Brother?!

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Lindsay Lohan is used to avoiding crude shanks in big house ... but can she handle being stabbed in the back in a different sense in the Big Brother house?

Reports have surfaced saying the one-time actress is in negotiations to come aboard the reality show in a bid to relaunch her career after years of legal woes.

It'd be a huge coup for the show, but is there any truth to said rumor?

Linds in Court

"Lindsay is not doing Big Brother," her rep tells E! News, matter of factly.

It's unclear if Lindsay Lohan could have joined the show even if she wanted to, given her community service and psychotherapy requirements. If LiLo went into that house and survived all the way to the finale, it'd be like three months of isolation!

We'd miss her so much ... and yet not.

"We hope that the courts will make a special allowance in this case. There aren't any more controlled ­ environments than the Big Brother house," a hopeful source said.

That's true, no way could she do drugs or steal jewelry without cameras seeing it. A moot point in any case. Fortunately, Lindsay Lohan in Playboy is still a go, and soon!


Lindsay Lohan Cast on Big Brother?! i'd rather see Lindsay on Three and 1/2 Men!!
that would be fine.


This is the conundrum: as long as she is a mess just short of pulse-less road-kill, she is media fodder and a target for reality TV… so does she know this? …does she feel this is all she has left? … does she have the sense to know her life is in the balance if she does or doesn’t wake up and get herself healed by experts and stay under the thumb or specialists to whom she turns over all her power for at least a full calendar year? [I mean shrinks & therapists].
She doesn’t need to travel the world or the country or the state of California or her neighborhood – she needs to travel back and forth to a REAL shrink and set or REAL professionals to help her – not those phonies in Hollywood –remember EVERYthing in California is fake and phony – especially life itself.
I have little hope that LILO will live to her 40th birthday … or her 30th.
One of the saddest tragedies in recent Hollywood history – and that’s saying something!

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