Lindsay Lohan Cast on Big Brother?!

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Lindsay Lohan is used to avoiding crude shanks in big house ... but can she handle being stabbed in the back in a different sense in the Big Brother house?

Reports have surfaced saying the one-time actress is in negotiations to come aboard the reality show in a bid to relaunch her career after years of legal woes.

It'd be a huge coup for the show, but is there any truth to said rumor?

Linds in Court

"Lindsay is not doing Big Brother," her rep tells E! News, matter of factly.

It's unclear if Lindsay Lohan could have joined the show even if she wanted to, given her community service and psychotherapy requirements. If LiLo went into that house and survived all the way to the finale, it'd be like three months of isolation!

We'd miss her so much ... and yet not.

"We hope that the courts will make a special allowance in this case. There aren't any more controlled ­ environments than the Big Brother house," a hopeful source said.

That's true, no way could she do drugs or steal jewelry without cameras seeing it. A moot point in any case. Fortunately, Lindsay Lohan in Playboy is still a go, and soon!


A new clown for the circus! She'll fit right in! And look.. she even rouged the heck out of her cheeks just for the occasion!


This, I meant in the comment I just posted (below this one). I meant this, not tgis, whatever on earth that "tgis" is! Typo, but oh well, anyway


Tgis is thefirst photo of Lindsay Lohan I have seen in a long time in which she is not orange-colored and does not have badly done lips that look as though they'd been sucked into a pool filter. She actually looks clean and kind of pure in that photo. Now if only she would lose the fried-looking blonde hair. She had that pretty natural red hair and then she kept messing with the color of it. I'm surprised she has any hair left after all that bleaching she's done to it. I'm not at all trashing Lindsay, I love Lindsay Lohan.I just think she's a very, very ill girl who needs help, and I still hold out hope for her and I'd love to see her pull herself together one day and perhaps even have a chance of reviving her career.I do th9ink she'd a talented actress and that is my opinion. Peace and good night. Love, chele


Lindsey lohan you deserve to be in prison

Kellie m

@joe The bieber hater isn't here to hate on the comment in it's entirety...the person is looking for 'email sex' which will lead to money coming out of your pocket. The bieber hate is only to draw someone they did you. 'Nuff said.


Sorry meant Bieber before I get attacked or called a TROLL! LOL People do have a right to their opinions.


You go Justin Burner Hater! Stand in line! I'm sure there are many more that would like to see him go down.

Kellie m

@hate justin bieber...go spam somewhere are a disgusting troll.

Kellie m

Celebrity BB is in the UK, not in America. She can't leave to go anywhere as far as what the judge told her so no, she can't join the cast. The US version doesn't host celebrities as houseguests, only as a brief drop-in to judge a competition or to MC a competition...nothing more. Besides the fact that LiLo can't travel, she also has community service and psych appointments as well as continuing court dates so there is no way she could join the cast. Sounds like it is just another rumor to me.


and YES Number Three would be the parole off. :)~

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