Let it Snow: Google That and it Actually Does!

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Just in time for the holidays, Google has outdone itself once again. In a Firefox or Chrome browser, all you have to do is Google "let it snow" ... and it will!

Seriously, this is awesome ... unless you live in the Great Plains and are already buried in massive drifts of real snow. Then it may seem a little less magical.

You should still try it. After you type "let it snow" into the search engine, you can sit back and watch it fall from the top of the browser, filling up the screen.

It's so realistic, it even fogs up the screen as well, something millions of drivers can relate to. Fortunately, you can "Defrost" with one click! Check it out:


sigh why cant it snow is austin tx? at least we have sleet on christmas eve today!


is this availible for regular google?


Didn't work


And this is news.....why?


i just did it- how cute! i cant believe it hasnt snowed here in nevada yet. my daughter is only 4 and i asked her what she wanted for christmas and she said snow... idk if it will snow on christmas though :( but the google snow was cute ^_^


@Claire - You do realize it's Tuesday right?


Where have you been all week? Old news.