Leighton Meester No Longer Being Sued By Mom

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Leighton Meester can breathe a little easier this holiday season, now that mom Constance Meester has jettisoned a gargantuan $3 million lawsuit against her daughter.

Connie stated that she "sacrificed her happiness" to help Leighton pursue acting and the Gossip Girl star is legally bound to support her, E! News has confirmed.

She's now backing off, but is Leighton ready to do the same?

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The actress' attorney says that she is still seeking a judgment against Constance that will state, in no uncertain terms, that she does not owe her mom any support.

"Leighton is seeking declaratory relief from the court, which we hope to have wrapped up in the near future," says lawyer James Spertus. Her rep had no comment.

In a previous court filing, Leighton stated that Constance took money she sent for her sick brother's care and spent it on plastic surgery and other frivolous things.

Constance counter-filed after that point, claiming that she ponied up roughly $230,000 on private school and acting classes for Leighton Meester over the years.

She also said her daughter agreed to give her $10,000 a month as she a "dependent adult" per California's Welfare and Institutions Code. Leighton denied this.

Basically, it's ugly, and we hope it gets resolved soon.

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