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urgh...she is the perfect example of why people say you shouldnt marry young! her mom is being such an enabler all the time, she wants to be supporting and thats good but at somepoint someone needs to be upfront and honest with leah, tell her like it is. engagement is fine i guess...but she needs to wait a good couple of years this time before getting married instead of rushing into it!! i have been with my husband for 6 years now and we got married last year at the age of 20 and even then my dad was unsure and we had to talk about it for a while before he was good with it...but girls like leah are making young married couples look bad, especially by making the divorce rate for our age group higher!


ALL the teen mom girls are lame...


She's a redneck from WV....are you surprised? This is the way things are done there. You get pregnant at 12- usually with a relative- you marry said relative and then divorce them when they buy a new truck..,even though he's the only one working. This couple is a waste and have about an IQ of about 50 between them.


Not the sharpest! She doesn't even really know this guy! So many people date for 5 years+

& was it just me? but she was driving me nuts last night with her inability to understand that her child could have brain damage affecting her eyes (occipital lobe) & still be a genius.

although.... well i won't say it but picking up a book & reading to them once in a while would be nice! leah makes the south look bad!


So she's working on marriage number 2 and she isn't even 20...wtf?

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