Lady Gaga Sued By Bitter Former Assistant

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The new poster child for frivolous lawsuits, Lady Gaga's former assistant claims she was a slave to the music superstar and demands compensation as a result.

Jennifer O'Neill claims she was burdened by onerous tasks such as fetching a towel for Gaga after she showered, and keeping the Lady on a tight schedule!

She claims she is owed $380,000 in overtime (7,168 hours over 13 months, or $53 an hour) that she was never paid by a touring company hired by the star.

Lady Gaga in a Yellow Dress

O'Neill claims she had to cater to Gaga in "stadiums, private jets, fine hotel suites, yachts, ferries, trains and tour buses" and "required to be at Gaga's beck and call."

Isn't that what a personal assistant does?

O'Neill was technically en employee of the touring company, not Gaga, so the singer is not personally liable regardless of the overtime compensation claim.

In any event, Lady Gaga's rep told the New York Post the lawsuit is "completely without merit," and we would have to guess that the rep is correct.



I must retire for the evening I have much to attend to, I apologize. But before I go please remember my children. Action not Paper is the real way to finding your real purpose. I beg you remain Idle no longer.


A woman's own word is only as good as a woman's own action.


I am not saying she that Gaga is not a good person in some ways. I mean people do need to understand not everyone is the same. And that they can accept them for that. Gay Marriage is acceptable. I did not say do not LAY with another man. I said do not LIE!!! As in be truthful and transparent as the holy ghost would be.


If you try and climb to the top of the Ivory tower I have constructed, you will fall.


Contracts are both written and word binding in the real world. So you do not thing GaGa took all the 1 dollar donations to Japan and claimed it as a mass federal tax deduction. Which really means because she pays equal taxes it is split up equally between all tax payer... And the funny thing is the US government turns around and sells that as Debt to China. China turns around with cheap Industrail revolution like conditions for workers. So really the guy making your 100 dollar dress (99 cents in China). Is paying for Japan's relief effort. And I can not advocate Slavary. God gave you free will. The Government took it away.


There were no unpaid hours...she was a SALARY employee. That means that she works as many hours as is required for a set amount of money. What jack-ass attorney took this PA's case


@A real... Well, maybe. 7000+hrs of overtime (not regular hours, just overtime) = 291 full days worth of work done unpaid. No way would I work that many hours/days for free! Honestly, given the economy as it is I would have gotten in touch wih the labor board, a lawyer or done something to try to get my money well before a year went by. Would you work for free then complain a year later? Would you continue to work for someone who is not paying you for your time? If it were a month or so I could understand maybe continuing to work if you were told the money was coming but a year? I would have gone after my back pay well before that!!


@ freespirit so looking at last years economy, you willingly would have quit?


Hollywood gossip upset the great Lady Haha is guilty. Sorry people Hollywood is not magic. And it is kinda sad when someone do rich can't share the wealth. Maybe the next GaGa should be about greed. Let's talk about the Japan Save the Lady Gaga donations. Or the need to have false idols.

T jones

Yeah! Gaga did it!


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