Kris Humphries to Kim Kardashian: You Played Me!

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Kris Humphries has filed to annul his marriage to Kim Kardashian and a source close to the baller makes it very clear why: the NBA player feels played!

Citing fraud as the basis for this rarely-used legal procedure, an insider tells TMZ Kris "was just slotted in the plot line of Kim Kardashian's latest headline and newest business venture."

Seriously, we tried to warn the guy.

  • Poor Kris
  • Kim Feeds the Homeless

Humphries believes Kardashian always planned to divorce him after her reality specials and shows were taped because, let's face it, "she didn't ned a groom anymore," this source says.

Kris would never have flown his childhood pastor in to officiate if he were in on the scam, this mole insists, while concluding that Humphries plans to use Kim's own, absolutely idiotic words against her.

In THIS STATEMENT, she all but admits that she went through with the wedding because she "got caught up in the hoopla and the filming of the TV show."

So.... what do you think? Did Kris play a knowing role in the quickie divorce proceedings?


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Omg Kim I feel sorry for u. Kris is an asshole. U can get better. Ur very pretty. And don't get upset from some of these harsh comments about u.


Kim and Kris,,..if its not meant to be den its not..we are nobody to judge or assume if it was all fake..nobody knows!! so juz get own with your lives and let kim and kris live theirs!;)


4 God sake kim must not change ha last name 4 pple 2 no dat she is married 2 dat ass hool kris humphries.he need 2 grow up 4 once,kris is a player all wat he want waz sex nd party,y doin party wen kim his lvly wife was out of town,wat waz his reson 4 not puttin on his ring wen ever he goes out.couples are meant 2 b 2geter jst lyk khloe nd lamar.kardashains keep on ruckin.kris jst go nd look 4 ur mates nd of d same class.scott u ruck jst b d man of d find ur self a btr husband coz kris is not d ryt man 4 u,he is jst mama's boy.keep on ur lvly show I wll alwayz bck u up.


Kim played Kris Humphries, That's why she didn't want to change her last name, she divorced him AFTER the series were filmed, and she did the wedding on National tv to get the money too. This chick is starting to get on my nerves honestly the only REAL Kardashian is Khloe. LuvKhloe


kris needs to grow up. He goes out of his way tocause trouble any which way he can. Why would someone want to live with someone who goes out of their way to be messy? That's real mature on his part. All he talked about at the beginning of kktny was how he was focused on bb. He didnt even try and make the marriage a priority. He wanted kim to move to minn, why didnt they move to la? He is a bully and a control freak. And to want kim to go to Minn and live his life is really pig-headed of him. The lockout is over, why isnt he playing bb, when it was so important earlier. Hes just using the divorce as an excuse to not have to work and justify sueing whoever he can for money. He's definately a golddigger. He needs to quit trying to hold on to his 15 min. of fame and grow up and be responsible. Im glad Kim divorced him, she is way better than that.


Everyone is against Kim but I really think that she fell for him. She just rushed in to it. He is not her type because he want things done a certain way and so does kim. Life is short and they both have to move on. And the more we talk about it the longer is going to take. I think that Kim wasted her dream wedding with Kris, and he is not worth it.


all the people who say o this is so stupid there just doing it for publicity welll u want it to stop than stop giving it to them duh!


cant believe how everyones against kim.she really loved him and wasted her perfect wedding on him.i watched their programme and could see they wernt well matched kris is not a guy wholl roll over and do as hes told and kim likes things a certain way.he made her feel good and happy and she was too blinded by love that all the arguements and differences were brushed seems to have bad luck.not sure bout kris tho after that chat with bruce and scott youd think hed relise how life would be.cant believe it was such a short marriage thought theyd try.but these things happen and of course its everyones business when there goes on and kim has work to get on with and good for her to get on with it


you guys are stupid somebody on E went up to kim and said look were running out of things to put on tv so we came up with this idea for you to blow up with this guy your dating kris humphries and put it in the magazines and tv shows and shit saying that youre in love and you guys wanna get married and youll tell him you really love him so he'll go along with the filming and tell him he'll get a cut of the money but when really she had a plan the whole time to divorce the fool and take all the money for the keeping by some bonding bullshit , thats a genius or something words cant even describe that trickery


Kris certainly was taken for a ride, im just suprised he fell for it. He just made the Kardashians richer, like, how much was his share from the millions earned from selling the rights to cover the wedding.....Nada.

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