Kris Humphries Re-Signs With New Jersey Nets!

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Kris Humphries is a free agent no more ... professionally anyway.

His old NBA team, the New Jersey Nets, have signed him to a one-year contract reportedly worth $8 million for the coming season, which opens next week.

Humphries, who has been training in his native Minnesota, was not offered a new deal to return for a second season of Kourtney & Kim Take New York.

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See? Not everybody wants to dump Kris Humphries!

Kris became an unrestricted free agent after last season, averaging 10 points and 10 rebounds in what was by far the best of his seven seasons as a pro.

He quickly went from being involved in the NBA's Most Improved Player conversation to being involved in the most ridiculous celebrity breakup of all time.

The Nets are set to face off against the Knicks in a preseason battle tomorrow night, and sources tell ESPN that Kris Humphries is expected to suit up and play.

He is expected to resume his role as New Jersey's starting power forward and focus on basketball instead of the circus that has become his personal life.

There have been concerns that Kris' return may diminish Brook Lopez's rebounding production, but the center said he welcomes the return of "the Hump."

Funny, that's what we say every day at THG. About Kim.



You go boy! And get a big share of that wedding money. They're all money whores. I hope she does go back to Reggie and he dumps her again. Or better yet, he marries her, and divorce her after 60 days setting the new world record of fast marriages then take that money earned from the wedding (you know it will be on tv). Egg on her face is what she deserves. Beauty and the booty is not all that matters. She's being used for just what she's good for, the sack!


Good luck, Kris! Your new and better life is just beginning. Please stay away from trashy women from now on! Focus on basketball and forget women for awhile; also do not make any more investments without some serious guidance.
I am hoping that you get a generous share of the "WEDDING MONEY." You sure as heck earned every penny of it having to deal with that classless family of Kardashians.
Once again, good luck with your basketball career.


Congrats! I am so happy for Kris! I hope you have the best season ever!


Congrats Kris...You deserve it, you're a class act...good luck!!


Well done Kris. Forget about this year mistake by getting involve in that infamous family. Move on and Good Luck.


I see it know Kim will go back because he's in a big city and people will know and care about here


LOL, Kim will be sad to see that "bank" get away.....

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