Kourtney & Kim Take New York Rekap: Kris Gets His Party On, Jonathan Cheban Sells Out?

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Sunday on Kourtney & Kim Take New York, Kim's Spin Crowd BFF Jonathan Cheban is (supposedly) planning to sell her out with write a tell-all book about her life.

Meanwhile, Kris Humphries decides to throw a party and invite random girls while the Kardashian sisters are out of town, and Scott Disick dabbles in Judaism.

At least the story editors and writers thought up some new angles this week.

What did Kris say about the big party? Is Scott serious? Was Jonathan really planning to blindside Kim? THG breaks down Sunday evening's drama, +/- style:

Jonathan Cheban Pic
Kim Kardashian in InStyle Australia

Kris Jenner tells Kim about Cheban's scheme to shop a tell-all about her. She's, like, devastated. Naturally, she found out from her mother of all people. Plus 5.

Kim worries that Jonathan is using her like everyone else. Kim, you use everybody else to make millions. 'Memba the wedding? It's a vicious circle. Minus 23.

Maturely, Kim starts a Twitter war with Cheban. Plus 6, as that may be how Kim Kardashian, or at least her professional Tweet writer, actually settles konflict.

Wouldn't you know it, Kim learns it's not a tell-all, but a guide to becoming an "it girl" using her as an example. NOW she feels BAD! Good one, E! Minus 71.

Jonathan hangs up on her after her attempt to apologize. Plus 15.

To make amends, Kim pens the foreward for Jonathan's book, sent over via Kris, obviously. He is touched. They make up, ending the snooze fest. Minus 8.

Seriously, why would Jonathan Cheban sabotage his BFF AND CLIENT? He may be a douche but the man's not an idiot. Minus 40 for expecting us to buy this.

Plus 20 for Jonathan being an inspiration though. He certainly didn't become an L.A. PR heavyweight based on physical attractiveness. Just saying.

Kristopher Humphries
Disick Pic

Kris, the most mellow guy ever, decides to throw a party in their suite while Kim and Kourtney were in L.A. Totally of his own volition, we're sure. Plus 14.

Things got a little out of control after more people than Kris expected showed up. To a party thrown by an NBA star AND reality star? Stunner there. Plus 9.

Scott warns that the girls will find out. Of course they will, it's on tape! STOP TRYING TO PRETEND THESE ARE REAL PEOPLE AND NON-CELEBRITIES! Minus 2,500.

Kris says he should be allowed to have friends over to his own home. Plus 6, because no matter who he married, you can't argue with the man on that point.

Crazily, pics of the party are sent to K&K! What are the odds! Minus 7.

Scott steps up and takes the blame, saying he had work friends over and things got out of hand. Plus 20, because that was a nice, fake move of the guy.

Kris feels guilty and spills the truth. He feels bad, for no reason at all, and promises his plastic bride that he will never, ever do it again. Weak. Minus 10.

Scott says he wants to reconnect with Judaism, his religion, but Kourtney doesn't take her man seriously, because they just needed to kill a few more minutes of screen time dude totally goes through "fads" like this all the time. Plus 50.



Kim Kardashian is a ctpmleoe fool. Why she's surprised she's now a blow up doll is funny. Trashy is as trashy does and she's white trash for sure.

Kellie m

It cracks me up laughing to read the comments and see how many people believe what they watch on the KarTRASHian shows. LMAO. People they have got you so fooled. I have some ocean front property in Oklahoma that I will sell you REAL cheap. Idiots!!!!!


I hate when celebs meet these gold digging hoes knowing they out to rob there ass.all they got to do make a family 10 or 15 years lata they filing for divorce for financial reason ,same with them hoes did on basketball wives,they have enough room for her to join them $$$ hungry hoes living off child support ,what they goin to do when it play out,post up on a corner to serve customers some good basketball wives head hahaha:) greedy selfish hoes ought to ashamed of them selves getting $$$ in a scandalous ways.


Kim is so detached from the real world. I think she is addicted to attention, any attention.She led Kris into all those baby conversations only to start arguements and blame him. Kim K, babies are for loving,not for publicity and at your age, as a smart business women, when are you going to invest in whats real, a family.


I never thought I would agree with Kim. Kris has every right to throw a party but at least tell her. Geez. She did not owe Jonathan an apology, he used her name to sell his book. It doesn't matter what it was about, the whole thing was written to be just like the it girl Kim. He never asked her for any type of permission to write such a book. Scott tried this week, which is better than normal.


In regards to Chris Humphries, I enjoy watching him on the show. The guy is MAN enough to keep his balls and tell these "Wicked Witches of the West" how it is.


This was the best post ever...I laughed my ass off (yeah, I spelled the phrase out) when you pointed out that everything was on tape, and these are NOT real people, nor situations. I AM STILL LAUGHING. Great post.

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