Kourtney & Kim Take New York Rekap: Khloe Plays Kounselor, Kris Starts to Krack

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The second, scripted episode of Kourtney & Kim Take New York aired last night on E!, and was most notable for the return of Khloe Kardashian, sage relationship kounselor.

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    Now everyone wants to hate Kim. Wow! People f##k up sometimes ,does not mean that you are the worse person in the world. Also ,sisters fight and say things they shouldn't say. When you get married you can't run home like a big kid. Where they were going to live should have been discussed before they said I do. Also I don't like the way he blurts out any and everything, out of his mouth like he doesn't have home training. I love and respect a person who speaks they're mind. Butt, he acts like a child. Kim should have dated him or a while first. Still doesn't make him a terrible person just means they were not meant for each other.


    Kris says that he is moving on. Seems to me that was what he was doing while married. What a selfish jerk!!


    sorry for typos: My marriage would not have survived even a few weeks of living with wacky in-laws like that!!! NO WAY. That killed any sacred romance right there!


    I never saw the show, but I can't imagine what the influence of an unmarried, baby-making, very unstable couple that includes an alcoholic would have on the budding new marriage of Kim & Kris. I know my marriage would NOT have survived living a few weeks of living with the in-laws!!! No surprise there. Poor Kris!!


    i agree with the person that mentioned the "K" girls speech mannerisms.ANNOYING of course they haven't had formal training and i'm from TEXAS born and bred and PROUD OF IT these girls would do fine to take lessons from TEXAS GALS this is not about them being aremian,hispanic,african-american.it is not a race thing.they just need to step back and take a look at themselves and get rid of mom. also clean themselves up by taking a scrubbing bath. JUST SAYIN'


    i thought we had finally gotten rid of the "KS". i guess they will be like a bad penny;just keep coming back.of course they will come back because this publucity is all they know how to do. they are pitiful and a bad example of familylife.hello momma K. just sayin' they are all freaks.big butts,breasts,not sexy,nasty looking. i say agaain that they all need a texas scrubbing with a "KORNKOBB".they all look "musty" know what i mean? just sayin'


    put snipers on the roof of the botox spot Kim uses...


    Like the movie "Clueless"???lol. I agree it is annoying


    This show is so rehearsed. Why do Kim and Kourtney talk with that annoying tone...Khloe is the normal one.


    Shallow people, shallow tv show. Far too much of this whole family who all deserve one another.

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