Kobe Bryant: Ratted Out By Other Lakers' Wives?

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Kobe Bryant can blame Basketball Wives for getting caught cheating.

Not the stars of VH1's Basketball Wives - none of whom are actually married, and one of whom isn't even involved with a basketball player - mind you. We mean actual wives of teammates, and other NBA squads. Let's just say that people talk.

Vanessa Bryant caught Kobe cheating - not Elin Nordegren style, but she did find out about his infidelity when talk of his extracurricular sexual exploits increased in frequency among her fellow spouses, according to a TMZ report.

Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Pic

Players often swear their wives to secrecy before dishing on their fellow NBA players, but that secrecy is rarely kept. Women all share intel about other guys.

This is done, in part, to ensure word will get back to them if their man cheats. It's like a trophy wife code of sorts. Informal and unwritten, but foolproof.

Vanessa Bryant filed divorce papers on Friday, after learning of Kobe's latest infidelity, which is seen as the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back.

Jessica Burciaga is rumored to be the mistress, but that's just a rumor. True or not, he was clearly cheating on Vanessa, and it clearly wasn't the first time.

They have two kids. There was no prenup. She's about to be REAL rich!

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Lara, I agree with you: he had it all - a beautiful wife, great career, money, 2 beautiful daughters and guess what? The neighbour's grass always looks greener! So stupid! Just like Tiger, had Haven at home and went after trash. I'm really happy Vanessa'll get a half, let me see who's going to replace her and love him, and be there for him all the time, LOOSER!


I just dont understand people. You have a beautiful wife, make tons of money and you still cheat?! Kobes an idiot.

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