Kim Kardashian "Sad" Over Kris Humphries Annulment Filing

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Kris Humphries is almost definitely not gay. But the emerging power-forward-turned-reality-star has filed to annul his marriage to Kim Kardashian, effectively asking the court to legally decree this ex-couple's wedding never took place.

No, this does not mean they'd give back the millions of dollars earned from the televised nuptials. Those bank deposits definitely took place.

So, how does Kim feel about her estranged husband's wish for an annulment?

"The filing is, of course, upsetting," an insider tells People. "She respects Kris and just wants them both to find peace and move on... Kim doesn't want a battle."

But she may have one on her money-starved hands because - for religious reasons - a friend of Kris' tells TMZ that divorce simply is not an option for him. Even if the annulment doesn't work out, he'd prefer an "indefinite separation" because it would keep him clean in the eyes of the church.

"Kim is sad how things ended up," says the People source. "The split was a devastating decision from the beginning."

We do not believe her.


Now that things aren't going her way, she is saying he is gay....I hate this word but......she is a cunt.


She should b ashamed of herself and realize she has just started the begining of the end of her media darling career!


she needs to give him back his ring. that was with a intent to marry,not so if it was only 72 hours. maybe that is why she did it 2 have the ring.
people have money and want even more in a ring.the only think that will make her happy is MONEY!PEOPLE ARE SICK OF HEARING ABOUT THEM.
leave chris alone, she took advanage of him. he is down to earth and she is more intrested in herself and money. SHE SHOULD NEVER NEVER GET MARRIED TO ANYONE!!!


@ annette- You sure know enough and care enough to post about it. That puts your a$$ in the same boat as the rest of us. Most of us here are too old to be told what we can and can not care about.


This is what's wrong with our society. Too many people caring way too much over what someone in the public eye does with their life. So what, they split up. People are taking it way to personal. How do you know that he wasn't abusive towards her? He seems, just by watching the show, to be a huge douche anyways. There was so much pressure on Kim to go through with the wedding and all this nonsense about her doing it for the money is kind of ridiculous because she has plenty of money without and he is the one suing her. Leave the girl alone and get a life. Quite harping on the details of someone elses life. There are much more bigger and more important things going on in our country besides Kim Kardashian's divorce.


You bet she's sad. If he gets the annulment, the pre-nup goes out the window, and you know it was written to benefit her over him. Plus if it contained any confidentiality provisions, they're out too, so he's free to run his mouth now. In fact, sad isn't the right word; "terrified" is probably more accurate.


Kim is sad? Hahahaha! Puh-lease. She filed w/out even TRYING to save her marriage and that tells me she did not value this relationship. The only things she is sad about are the public backlash, the lack of a cash cow from this marriage (read: baby), that Kris beat her to filing an annulment and that the public is sympathizing w/Kris H. She thought she was America's darling but she was sorely mistaken.


NOBODY believes her, Lying biatch!


lmfao. He wants an indefinite separation because he's gay. He's not interested in marrying another woman.


Nothing more than a narcissistic

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