Kim Kardashian "Sad" Over Kris Humphries Annulment Filing

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Kris Humphries is almost definitely not gay. But the emerging power-forward-turned-reality-star has filed to annul his marriage to Kim Kardashian, effectively asking the court to legally decree this ex-couple's wedding never took place.

No, this does not mean they'd give back the millions of dollars earned from the televised nuptials. Those bank deposits definitely took place.

So, how does Kim feel about her estranged husband's wish for an annulment?

"The filing is, of course, upsetting," an insider tells People. "She respects Kris and just wants them both to find peace and move on... Kim doesn't want a battle."

But she may have one on her money-starved hands because - for religious reasons - a friend of Kris' tells TMZ that divorce simply is not an option for him. Even if the annulment doesn't work out, he'd prefer an "indefinite separation" because it would keep him clean in the eyes of the church.

"Kim is sad how things ended up," says the People source. "The split was a devastating decision from the beginning."

We do not believe her.

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I was just reading that, because of Kris calling Jonathan C. gay, Kris may be getting sued by Jonathan. I always thought Jonathan was gay, always hangs out with Kim like a "DOG" waiting for a bone, or leftover. Is Kim using Jonathan to get her money back from Kris after their divorce? What percentage of that money will she let Jonathan keep? What about Scott, Kourtney's boyfriend, is he also "GAY"? He looks gay, dresses weird, act weird around his friends.


Hmm...easy annulment ("let's just say it never happened) versus messy divorce ("we tried, we failed, we give up). The annulment is the more respectful thing to do. If Kim, RESPECTED Kris, she would've filed for an annulment first, not a divorce. Sorry, I'm Team Kris on this subject.


As the continuing saga of Kris & Kim continues to veer off the course of respectability, the dishy new headline is, Kim Claims That Kris Is Gay in Star magazine, that bastion of truth. The name for this episode is As The Stomach Turns, Episode 4, Say What, Miss Thing?


Felicia you are not a therapist and mind your own business ass th


Kim is now claiming that Kris is "GAY" because comment he made about other males. Then what the hell this makes her, " Asking a TV host to TOUCH, to GRAB her ASS", when the host of the show did touched and grabbed her ass I saw nothing but pleasure on her face, she look so excited she may have had an orgasm. She seems so bubbly around other ladies. Let not forget also that Kourtney, as she stated in few shows, she SLEPT with a girl. So here! This makes Kim K. "LESBIAN"


Whats funny is I have never watched this show, never will either. But looks like i'm all caught up with the way people comment and talk about it. Based off what I read I think the she ghot married for the money and I was all scripted. I think Chris was in on it but maybe along the way though it just might work so when she filed the papers it threw him in a world wind.


I dont understand why people have so much anger towards kim for filing for a divorce. Anyone who has had to deal with a rude obnoxiois comtrol freak who verbally abuses someone the verbal abuse adventually turns into physical abuse. As for him being used. It was his choice to propose to kim and marry her. If she would have left the planning of that wedding up to him, he would have done it very tasteless. As for the prenup he shouldnt have signed it. I support kim100%.


Sad? Puh_lease! She divorced him! She knows that everyone hates her and wants empathey from losers who believe it.


Good for him!! Sounds like Justice to me!!!
If 72 days and running away--i.e. intentional,
unjustified DESERTION OF SPOUSE, a crime--isn't
fraud after an extravagant $18 million dollar
wedding and NO FAULT on Kris's part, what is??!! It sounds like Kris has some good lawyers who are
upholding the side of Justice! If he can't win this,
then Marriage truly means nothing.


Wow Kim. Wow.