Kim Kardashian on Haiti Trip: NOT About Me!

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Kim Kardashian is denying a series of celebrity gossip reports that she attended a fashion show and spent a fortune on herself during her recent visit to Haiti.

The star took to her blog to shoot down "malicious" rumors about her trip to the Caribbean country, which was hit by a earthquake in 2010, with her mom.

She and Kris Jenner traveled there for positive PR to learn more about the charity We Advance, not for a fashion show, which has been rumored this week.

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"Our mission was to learn more about [Maria Bello's] charity, We Advance," she says, "and meet the Haitian people who have made such amazing progress since the devastating earthquake in 2010, and celebrate the women of Haiti."

Kim says they "inspired me more than I ever could have anticipated."

When Kardashian returned, she says she saw "malicious" reports that say she "spent a fortune" on herself in Haiti ... and was, like, so offended, because how could ANYONE possibly think Kim would put herself first in any situation?

"While my experience was completely life-changing ... a very emotional and surprisingly positive journey I will never forget, some have tried to tarnish the motive behind my visit by writing completely ridiculous and untrue things," Kim Kardashian laments.

The fortune she supposedly spent? She says this: "The truth is that I was at the Haitian Artisan Fair, where the amazing men and women who make their jewelry and crafts sell them to visitors to make a living, and I bought some beautiful jewelry!"

In the end, she said, she had a positive experience trying to give back.

"I have some really great stories and photos from my trip and I'm so excited to share them with you all," she wrote ... and we're sure she will share them, early and often, in between plugs for various products. Just kidding. Probably.


Anything she does now will always look like a publicity stunt. Truth is her plan to get married and make money back fired. Now with that other scandal that some of her products are made by slave labour and child labour she's done. Good bye.


The worst part about the Trip- The Bitch came back Home!


Who will believe her now. If there is no such tendency, why didn't she do it before all the drama re. her fail marriage? Only time can tell her whether she is genuine. Hasn't been she faking everything in her live for so long?


I saw that pic of Kim and her mother standing next to Patricia Arquette and u can definitely tell that K & K had not broken a sweat. They had designer sunglasses on, hats, nice clothes, a face full of makeup-... yet Patricia had on her WeAdvance tee and no make-up on, looking like she was ready for some hard work. Nice try Kim, but a lot of us still think ur a POS.


WOW a charity where every one is well dressed and look healthy...Kim visiting the rich and corrupt in Haiti is not charity honey! GO and see people in need without a home and sleeping on the streets and children not eating that is where you need to be and not with all that make up and designer clothes need to take example from celebrities like Angelina she goes where the poor are! this was just another stunt from you and it did not look good anyway


Selfish, habitual lying, pathetic, piece of shit.


I read the article in the National Enquirer. It showed her at the fashion show and nowhere near the very poor areas. This girl should forgetabout going there to redeem herself. She came off bad. Maybe she should look at her little sister to redeem herself.


Seriously guys a fashion show in Haiti. That country is really suffering do you'll really think they have time have a fashion show. You know it doesn't cost you anything to have common sense!!!!!


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