Kim Kardashian Kover Klaim: No Fraud Here!

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Kim Kardashian is reportedly sad over Kris Humphries' recent annulment filing, which is based on the claim that he was deceived into a marriage based solely on publicity and profits.

After all, a friend tells OK! Weekly, the allegation simply isn't true.

“She did not commit fraud,” an insider tells the tabloid. “She truly was in love with him and wanted to live happily ever after. Her heartbreak is genuine.”

Kim Kardashian on OK! Weekly

It also didn't come out of nowhere, according to this anonymous, totally real source.

"Things between her and Kris were horrible from the moment they walked down the aisle," reports the pal, something all Kourtney & Kim Take New York viewers would support, based on that show's season two episodes.

Meanwhile, a relative of the family's are fearful about how far Kris will take his beef and what the public spat will do to Kim's psyche.

“Kim isn’t superhuman," the source said in the most obvious statement of all-time. "People seem to have this idea that because she’s on TV, she’s some sort of robot. She’s just been through this awful breakup and she’s hurting. Now what Kris is doing is making it hurt that much more. The truth is that she’s extremely emotional and very sensitive and she is having a very hard time dealing with all this.”

Note to random mole: It's not Kim's television presence that makes us believe she's a robot. It's her lack of any kind of personality. Also, her fake body parts.


I'm not. Choosing sides. I loved them both and it makes it hard to watch their relationship end. It's very sad


this woman got famous from a sex tape. $$
she was having sex with Kris Humphries just so she could cash in on a wedding. $$


I'm wondering how much did she pay the magazines to publish this story as well as the "anonymous real source"?


Kris Humpries is trying to get an annulment to write a book and get money.Or a legal seperation??? what? where? when?..He will not get no respect from teamates in the NBA. Lamar didnt even give the bench warmer the time of day?? He was a nobody in the league. He should be happy she made him relevant!!. I just donnt understand why people hate this money making family. If anything I envy them..Im not no hater, but America is..If the girls were all on drugs and the 13 and 15yr were out having big sex, than America would love them. But they are not.. The way I see it, the people that hate on them have major issues, for real!! Kris is a grimey daoggish MAN!! I know what i saw.. A dog


I saw an ad in a mag to win a chance to be on her show. Who the hell would want to do that? Sponsored by Macy's. I'll never shop there again. I want Kris to tell every single thing he knows about her oh so real reality show. She is just a horrible person, to her sisters, Kris and her mom.


This is just another way for her to sell magazines. If people buy them while she is the cover person, then these magazines believe we want more Kardashian! This Skank is a phony! Also, things don't look horrible between Kim and kris in KKTNY, the only thing transparent is Kim constantly trying to find a way to fight with Kris to make him go ballistic. But, he has come around and been supportive this far, eventhough she has not been. She's not worth the time nor the effort that we take to write about her, but Kris does deserve it because he doesn't have a voice. I hope he takes her to court, I want everything to come out, every penny that was made because of their wedding and everything there needs to know about the "reality show"!!! These girls are a bunch of spoiled brats! They need to go away for good.


Um she CLEARLY said on her blog that she should have ended the relationship but got caught in the hoopla (aka, tv show, money, sponsors). That means, she went ahead with it all for that reason - and pretended to be in love, married him and convinced him she was still into him at the wedding ceremony..ALL FOR RATINGS AND MONEY.
Pretty clear cut. Fraud it is.


I so agree with the 2 comments above. It is so true, she is a whore, well payed whore but one. And I too do not understand why would any sponsors be associated with her. It is beyond comprehension, but there it is...You get your face on tv and in the tabloids and people watch and she gets the dollars. Sad, sad, world. MB


She's still a whore. She got started selling her vagina in a sextape. Now she slept with Kris for ratings and a check. Why do major brands want their product to be represented by a prostitute? Of course you watch her, just like you watch the $5 prostitutes on the side of the highway, but who wants their brand to be associated with that? What network wants her as a guest? I don't get it.

Jaan black

wh*re only cares about eyelash extensions and making enough money to keep her face frozen in time for the next decade...bytch is too insecure to care for others, even her family

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