Kim Kardashian Kover Klaim: No Fraud Here!

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Kim Kardashian is reportedly sad over Kris Humphries' recent annulment filing, which is based on the claim that he was deceived into a marriage based solely on publicity and profits.

After all, a friend tells OK! Weekly, the allegation simply isn't true.

“She did not commit fraud,” an insider tells the tabloid. “She truly was in love with him and wanted to live happily ever after. Her heartbreak is genuine.”

Kim Kardashian on OK! Weekly

It also didn't come out of nowhere, according to this anonymous, totally real source.

"Things between her and Kris were horrible from the moment they walked down the aisle," reports the pal, something all Kourtney & Kim Take New York viewers would support, based on that show's season two episodes.

Meanwhile, a relative of the family's are fearful about how far Kris will take his beef and what the public spat will do to Kim's psyche.

“Kim isn’t superhuman," the source said in the most obvious statement of all-time. "People seem to have this idea that because she’s on TV, she’s some sort of robot. She’s just been through this awful breakup and she’s hurting. Now what Kris is doing is making it hurt that much more. The truth is that she’s extremely emotional and very sensitive and she is having a very hard time dealing with all this.”

Note to random mole: It's not Kim's television presence that makes us believe she's a robot. It's her lack of any kind of personality. Also, her fake body parts.


i think kim love mans for money ya kardashians are fake family but kris is a good guy crazy family


Kim took sloppy seconds, thirds, fourths etc after Reggie dumped her whoring, useless fat can. She just put Kris in bridegroom slot for her fantasy wedding. She's exactly what her 1st husband said "Fame Whore" Kris should have walked like he wanted to before this reality became the worse nightmare of his life. All the signs were there "ME ME ME" self absorbed Kim doesn't even tell Kris she was married & divorced, made a sex tape & had no plans to move to his home state. Sounds like sham wedding to me.
All those Kardashians are fake ho's. & gold digging bitches. Take your ill gained $$$ & go back to Armenia. Your 15 min of fame has officially ended


I agree 100% with Dan.

Jennifer miller

I believe Kim was to busy trying to get paid to the point she couldn't see Kris was a dog.


umm for you fools who keep saying he was a money whore she did not pay for the wedding !E did and he tried to get her to stop spending so much to save


Seriously? Why blame kim for being takes two to get married, likewise to get no fan of the kardashians but if you really can see kris for the little immature idiot that he is ...then pls dont judge kim....both parties deserve a fair divorce....why blame it on, kim? Coz she's famous? Coz she's got money? Dont judge her bcoz of a freakin sex many teenagers and adults out there probably have the same but we dont know....come on people....kris was the one who wanted to get married, he wanted the fame, the bling, the lifestyle of royalty, the attention, the money! Kim, hopefully you've learnt your'll be forgotton....and maybe thats the reason you're still trying to manipulate the situation....u not just worth it!


OkAY I think some are blind yes he was a bit rough on the edges he would say he was joking about certain things yet sounded mean BUT she would wine saying I will not live where Kris has a home, That could be their get away place, She wants HIM to do everything HER way not compromise, He needs to train to keep up so he can get back to work all she has to do is get in front of a camera and pose and get dressed and sit in a chair for makeup what he doers takes training to be able to play hard and good, Not saying he is all good and her all bad but from what i have seen she wants to blow money have fame and all he wants to do is save for a rainy day stardom does not last forever for some and love her, she should have never married him if SHe did not want to compromise, he did that one time he came back to NY just to be with her to make Her happy, Notice SHE is the one on the covers of not him?


I don't know about the rest of you people, but I can't stand the bitch or any of her money whoring family, and I'm getting sick and tired of me and anyone that feels the same as me being called 'haters' 'bloody jealous retards' etc..I am entitled to my opinion just as you idiots that worship that asshole family people need your freakin heads examined..what redeeming qualities do any members of the whole family have ???..exactly...none !!!!!! I'm gonna keep on hatin as long as their ugly fake asses are plastered all over everything..all you fake worshippers just keep on worshipin..they wouldn't help you if you were starving...

Dean clark

LOL.,,Kim get over your self...we all know that your a "Real Ass" you showed the whole world with your, xRays~~


He left you Kim, because he knows what a liar you are and no one will love you seriously, when you made public your body. And with the mother of yours who lives with you. You have all money $$$$but money can not buy your happiness. Poor

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