Kim Kardashian Kover Klaim: No Fraud Here!

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Kim Kardashian is reportedly sad over Kris Humphries' recent annulment filing, which is based on the claim that he was deceived into a marriage based solely on publicity and profits.

After all, a friend tells OK! Weekly, the allegation simply isn't true.

“She did not commit fraud,” an insider tells the tabloid. “She truly was in love with him and wanted to live happily ever after. Her heartbreak is genuine.”

Kim Kardashian on OK! Weekly

It also didn't come out of nowhere, according to this anonymous, totally real source.

"Things between her and Kris were horrible from the moment they walked down the aisle," reports the pal, something all Kourtney & Kim Take New York viewers would support, based on that show's season two episodes.

Meanwhile, a relative of the family's are fearful about how far Kris will take his beef and what the public spat will do to Kim's psyche.

“Kim isn’t superhuman," the source said in the most obvious statement of all-time. "People seem to have this idea that because she’s on TV, she’s some sort of robot. She’s just been through this awful breakup and she’s hurting. Now what Kris is doing is making it hurt that much more. The truth is that she’s extremely emotional and very sensitive and she is having a very hard time dealing with all this.”

Note to random mole: It's not Kim's television presence that makes us believe she's a robot. It's her lack of any kind of personality. Also, her fake body parts.


Kim and her family only human.can't they make mistakes like the rest of us? Only god can judge.


Poor Tiffani, you sound like you could be one of Kim's younger sisters. Their dad didn't get famous until he represented O.J. Simpson. The sisters only had one store together before their reality show came out and only after Kim sold her sex tape for five million dollars and her wonderful mother Kris helped to negotiate. If I was Khloe, I don't think I would would be protecting Kim from, as you put it Klown Kris, after Kim said Khloe was a jealous ugly troll. Pretty sure Khloe was the child that was treated like the red headed stepchild and Kim was the spoiled brat. It's pathetic to me to watch Kim have that ugly smug smile when she does something mean. This is all karma, just like her ex best friend, Paris Hilton.


Everyone is so quick to judge, God dont judge. Everyone should leave d Kardashians alone, put ur self in their shoes im sure u would do what u feel is right. Thats what there doing living life like n e one would, just a little diffrent because they r rich n famous.Dont b a hater because u dont have d talents that they do, if u did im sure u would b doing d same thing. U never know so dont JUDGE. N people wounder why theirs suecide or overdoces it because kids n Adults BULLY N THATS WHAT UR DOING!!! Leave them alone. Look in d mirror everyone has flaws. Just remember GOD IS GREAT!!


kim is gealous kloe and iam glad kloe has a good marriage kim you look like the troll get over yourself we cant the men you have had you are what they say you are


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I do not understand how this family want more money from the public and have both, while there are people who work honestly and Bills to pay for his soon to raise little money and suffer day by day and these people have the public paying all their damn luxuries , I have not seen a good charity to countries and have more nesecitan a meal while they throw it. disappointment that this family on my tv never see them or see ad jersey shore best


one or many were going to boycott Kartrashians$$$, but people like that they keep taking money kartras$hians,clear boycott if I do not, see is that lies and earn money $$$ idiots and morons


Kim k lives in fantasy land. Shes all fake n any guy would have fallen for this poor fake emotional dramatic bitch.


agreed. she SAYS she wanted to be married and have kids. No relationship involving more than one person can be DICTATED by one of the parties. 1. YOU DON'T MARRY UNTIL YOU GET TO KNOW SOMEONE. 2.DETERMINE IF YOU WANT THE SAME THINGS; ARE YOU THE ONE FOR HIM, IS HE THE ONE FOR YOU? Kim just jumped in with someone who wasn't on the "it's your world train" Kris was not like Scott and Bruce. Letting his woman walk all over him. It was a sham and she ended up playing herself. She was in love...???? she seems to only have the capacity to love herself. She got what she deserved


If she truly was in love, then they'd still be together. Kim, don't patronize us, we are not stupid.

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