Kim Kardashian: Helping in Haiti

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Might Kim Kardashian actually be using her fame for the benefit of someone else for a change? Or is her PR team simply orchestrating opportunities to improve her floundering image?

The answer is most likely a combination of each, but the facts are these: Kim is currently in Haiti - along with Kris Jenner, designer Donna Karen and actresses Patricia Arquette and Maria Bello - as part of We Advance, an organization that aims to "advance the health, safety and well being of women throughout Haiti," according to its website.

Kim Feeds the Homeless

"She's been there for two days," an insider tells Us Weekly. "She says it's amazing!"

Kardashian also served the homeless for Thanksgiving last month and while it's impossible not to doubt the motives of this reality star's every move, at least these causes are being helped in some way through her actions. No matter how self-serving they may be at their core.


"It's amazing!" Wtf does that even mean? She's supposed to be there to help not be "amazed" at the poverty and suffering of people in that country... I didn't think someone could actually become more stupid, but apparently I was wrong.


OMG, what a cheap stunt this is. This piece of trash just have no shame at all. Since when is she interested in doing good deeds? since when you skank?


It would be more respectable if she donated some of her money because her time is just cheap.

Avatar these poor Haitians don't have enough to deal they have to worry about Kim' Herpes as she spreads her legs in their poor country. What a slut. News flash: Increase in island STD's as Kim & Her Herpes takes Haiti.


HA! So the Kardashians are interested in charity now?! Puh-leeze!! I ain't buyin' it. All they're trying to do is salvage their reputations because they've been called out on their greedy, fame-whoring, money-hungry ways. It sickens me to see Patricia Arquette and Maria Bello even mentioned in the same article with them, let alone the same sentence. Those two women have been working in Haiti for months and months, not to mention all the good they've done in this country, and around the world. And now they're being dragged down to the same level as garbage like the Kardashians. Sickening.


Oh so now kim want to help! Whatever, im not buying it boo.


All i want to say is, who are we to judge her? All these people commenting are doubting her intentions in her volunteer work, but the fact is when have any of you served at a Thanksgiving line? Or how many of you would be willing to go to Haiti to help? So if we dont help, we should thank anyone else who will, even if its KK.


wow, well shes deffently doing whatever she can to change how the world looks at her..At first I kinda liked her, now Im just discusted with the way she acts.But at least someone besides herself is benifiting from this...people that actually need it.. yet I still dont understand why they have to go all the way to Haiti, we have our own homeless, needed and starving here in this country.. Even more so with this shit economy, maybe we need to focus on our problems before we start trying to help everyone else.


The underage girls have a father you nong. They also have older siblings.


Haha. Anything to try and save their image. Kris probably had to drag her ass there. "You did this, you fix it," I can hear her saying to Kim. Feeble attempt. Won't work. Their image consultants are scrambling. Who's taking care of their underage daughters meanwhile?


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