Kim Kardashian Charges $600,000 Just to Have Her Boring A$$ Show Up Somewhere New Year's Eve

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Kim Kardashian, at the end of the day, is just not that interesting.

She's rich. She has above-average looks and siblings with names also beginning in K. Ray J made love to her and filmed it from numerous angles. She's dated a lot of professional athletes. She got fake married on TV. You know the story.

Despite ridiculous overexposure and a personality rivaling drying paint on the excitement scale, she rakes in monstrous amounts of kash just for being her. Six hundred grand, astonishingly, for showing up Saturday at Tao Las Vegas:

Kim Kardashian New Year's Eve Poster

The New York Post konfirms that the former Mrs. Kris Humphries will be at Tao in Sin City "as part of a larger deal worth up to $600,000 for multiple appearances."

Everyone gets a piece of the boring action!

New Year's Eve appearances represent the easiest money around for stars from A-to-Z-list, as clubs and venues across the U.S. look to market extravagant soirees.

Earlier today, we told you how Lindsay Lohan actually passed on similar offers, choosing to avoid temptation and spend a private, low-key NYE with her family.

Kim had no such kwalms, however. This is what she does. It's unklear if Kim even knows the definition of private or low-key. Or marriage for that matter.


You sound like a hater. Kim is getting paid to party for a few hours for over half a million dollars. And? She isn't hurtin anyone. Is she supposed to sit at home and do nothing? Her siblings are also hosting parties in Vegas but I bet you don't have a problem with that. If people are willing to pay her just to show up, so be it. Clearly, she is a big deal for them to pay that much just for a few hours.


Why hate on Kim? She's SEXY and you know it... Life is short and Kim is fabulous... Let her be, damn it! I wish Kim could send some goodies my way, though. Things are hard for this girl, yet Kimmy is living it. What a tough life!


I completely agree with Swinter, I used to like her but the more I see of her, hear of her and read of her the more and more I dislike her. She is completely fake and has no talent aside from the ability to market herself. I am sick of the entire family but 97% of that is all her, the other 3% I will award to her overbearing, money hungry, drama starting, fame hungry crazed mother, obviously qualities she shares with her offspring. Although I do think she is extremely pretty, she wears an ungodly amount of makeup and is so much pretty without all that crap on her face and could this Tao pic be any more photo-shopped? I mean I don't think a single thing on there hasn't been retouched, her hair length, her arms, her waist, her thighs, c'mon people show us what REAL people look like not some image you cut up on your computer!


She is disgusting and she is known for nothing she is so selfish and just plain not right she doesn't deserve any of that. I used to like her and now I just can't stand her..!


I like their show`s at least their not rude


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