Kim Kardashian Charges $600,000 Just to Have Her Boring A$$ Show Up Somewhere New Year's Eve

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Kim Kardashian, at the end of the day, is just not that interesting.

She's rich. She has above-average looks and siblings with names also beginning in K. Ray J made love to her and filmed it from numerous angles. She's dated a lot of professional athletes. She got fake married on TV. You know the story.

Despite ridiculous overexposure and a personality rivaling drying paint on the excitement scale, she rakes in monstrous amounts of kash just for being her. Six hundred grand, astonishingly, for showing up Saturday at Tao Las Vegas:

Kim Kardashian New Year's Eve Poster

The New York Post konfirms that the former Mrs. Kris Humphries will be at Tao in Sin City "as part of a larger deal worth up to $600,000 for multiple appearances."

Everyone gets a piece of the boring action!

New Year's Eve appearances represent the easiest money around for stars from A-to-Z-list, as clubs and venues across the U.S. look to market extravagant soirees.

Earlier today, we told you how Lindsay Lohan actually passed on similar offers, choosing to avoid temptation and spend a private, low-key NYE with her family.

Kim had no such kwalms, however. This is what she does. It's unklear if Kim even knows the definition of private or low-key. Or marriage for that matter.


I simply don't get it at all because she says she is beautiful that is why she makes so much money. Beauty is skin deep her skin is very shallow because anyone that would buy herself into being pretty is so ugly I can't stand looking at her and that is a fact.


HUH, man THIS chick is SELF-CENTERED, and NOTHING, but boring, with a capital "B". But, then again, I guess that is what A-LOT of these good looking Hollywood Actresses are ALL about, is, ALL SHOW, with NO GO. SO, Hollywood, how about DROPPING this chick like a ROCK, and talk about someone who IS, far more INTERESTING instead, EH.


Kim brings nothing to the table, but, likely brings something under the table..... get over her and stop paying her fat butt for nothing. This is tough times, who is endorsing this junk in this economy, with all the starving Americans. Tao, donate your money and stop feeding her "junk in her trunk".


Kris was right when he suggested that in 5 years no one would care about her. She might as well live it up while she can, because she won't be in the spotlight forever. Ah, the joys of being a woman in the spotlight. Too bad she used her "15 minutes of fame" playing childish games. And even though I'm a fan of the Kardashians (Khloe is my favorite), I will be glad to not hear about everytime they do something. Just the cycle of popularity. Years ago it was Britney, then Lindsay, then Miley, now Kim. Next thing you know Dakota Fanning and Abigail Breslin will be in the tabloids just like the others. Circle of life people, circle of life.


ok enough is enough this is obscene. these people(KKK'S) have no redeeming qualities,they are just plain nasty,as i have said before"they all need to take a good hot soaking bath,put their clothes outside to get some "fresh"air and oh yeah GO FAR FAR AWAY i never thought i would do this because it has been fun, but i'm tired now and i'm finished with the KKK'S.i think i will send them a kare package with make-up remover,toothbrush,tooth paste,deoderant(sp),no perfume (please) i'm finished as it is my nap time.the KKK'S are not going away as along as they are getting rich so i don't have energy left for that.i would rather sit and hold my grandbabies. thank you guys. have fun GONE


Cannot blame the mother, Kris, for her adult children's decisions. They are all greedy from what I can see. Kim will grow old, and as Chris Humphries told her once, nobody will remember her. Everything goes south after a while even if they try to do plastic surgery that looks artificial. The heart and soul matter. The physical and money do not. They just have not reached that level of maturity and wisdom yet ~ let's hope they do before it is too late for the bunch of Ks.


i love kim but that dosent mean she should be arrogant i think her mum is d course because she herself is very greedy and selfish.


I think the mom is the route of all this crap. she is greedy, selfish, boring and trys to act young and flirty. its creepy and discusting. Kim I feel is a lot like her mom, greedy and self absorbed and fake. but I would love to have her life and be as pretty as she is. I would live it a little differently, not be as greedy. Just leave her be, if people are paying to see her, let it be, she has a fan base. I would probably live it up also. She just needs to get some priorities going for her, She will not be young and in demand for always. There is always someone new to come along. and a new young generation that will think Kim K is way to old. She blew her fake marraige, but that was probably for the best, as I never thought he was for her. he is kind of a dweb. hope someday she will get her life on a different track. but in the mean time, I love to hear about her and see her. even if I do have comments, (which everyone has)..


I totally agree with Desiree 100%....I'm by far a fan of the three kkk's but if any one of the people here who commented on this article were offered $600,000 to appear somewhere whether it's New Years Eve or a Monday would jump on the offer so lets call it like it is!!!


I always find it amazing that all these insecure wack job haters needs to spew there venom on the comment page!!./ then there always one who will post all that money should go to the poor and homeless what pathetic comment saying how charitable I am !!.. Then don'ate your time for the poor and homeless you are doing nothing for them . That could be said for any body that earns money.


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