Kim Kardashian Charges $600,000 Just to Have Her Boring A$$ Show Up Somewhere New Year's Eve

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Kim Kardashian, at the end of the day, is just not that interesting.

She's rich. She has above-average looks and siblings with names also beginning in K. Ray J made love to her and filmed it from numerous angles. She's dated a lot of professional athletes. She got fake married on TV. You know the story.

Despite ridiculous overexposure and a personality rivaling drying paint on the excitement scale, she rakes in monstrous amounts of kash just for being her. Six hundred grand, astonishingly, for showing up Saturday at Tao Las Vegas:

Kim Kardashian New Year's Eve Poster

The New York Post konfirms that the former Mrs. Kris Humphries will be at Tao in Sin City "as part of a larger deal worth up to $600,000 for multiple appearances."

Everyone gets a piece of the boring action!

New Year's Eve appearances represent the easiest money around for stars from A-to-Z-list, as clubs and venues across the U.S. look to market extravagant soirees.

Earlier today, we told you how Lindsay Lohan actually passed on similar offers, choosing to avoid temptation and spend a private, low-key NYE with her family.

Kim had no such kwalms, however. This is what she does. It's unklear if Kim even knows the definition of private or low-key. Or marriage for that matter.


@MargaretVela Are you fucking stupid? What tools? Her LOOKS and her BUTT? Shut up bimbo!


No matter how boring, nasty, talentless, slutty or whatever else u wanna say about Kim, she's INTERESTING and ENTERTAINING! ! At least she uses the tools shes got!


I like Kim and the family. If people want to pay them for being themselves so what. It is not their fought that people find them entertaining. There have been plenty of movies that were less entertaining. So good for Kim. U go girl.


Interesting how so many people say that Khloe is their favorite Kardashian. It's obvious why--for one thing, she talks like a normal person, unlike that grating Kim / Kourtney put-on whine. Who could listen to those bimbos talk 24/7 without going completely mad?


I think kim k is a whore. She is all so fake no talent at all she's only famous for sucking black cock and making love eh kim why don't u make a couple more of them knowing ur so good at it u r a fake little boozy old cow go die u nasty piece of shit


@pastron since KK is the only thing Hollywood has, thats all they can talk about. Good for her she can still rake in a cash load at her age. Maybe Hollywood can start the new year checking out the new stars from xfactor like astro, chris and Melanie the winner, those kids have to be getting into trouble by now.


How the f**ck is Kim Kardashian?!!!! Hollywood should stop this stupidity and focus on talented elements as it should be. It's a freaking shame I see this bs every day. STOP IT!!!!!!! Stop making the masses more and more stupid. Is this a plot to make us stupid. I mean, more stupid?


Who wouldn't accept that amount of money to appear at a legitimate event? Be honest. Would any of you turn it down? I'm not dumb. I would totally take it!

Kellie m

I would have at least a little respect for Kim if she donated all of that money to a reputable charity and not the Kim K buy myself something expensive and lavish fund.




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