Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush: Klamoring for Rekonciliation?

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We called it back when Reggie Bush was traded to the Miami Dolphins, and now the possibility appears to be a reality. If you believe this supermarket tabloid, that is.

The latest issue of Life & Style claims that Kim Kardashian and her serious ex have been talking a lot recently and are considering a reconciliation.

Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush Tabloid Cover

"Reggie reached out to Kim via text shortly after she announced she was filing for divorce to make sure she was okay," a friend says. "They've stayed in touch ever since, texting and talking. Kim was Reggie's first love. He knows she's hurting right now, but when the time is right, he'll swoop in and take care of her."

Previous reports alleged that Bush was desperately trying to stop Kim's wedding to Kris Humphries back in August. He didn't succeed, but, hey, now she's $15 million richer and single once again. Might this reunion have been the plan all along?

Do you wanna see Kim back together with Reggie?


I think that she ought just to be friends with Reggie. I don't think that she ought to take back Kris, either. She ought to find a real man, someone who really loves her.


shango is d best husband for kim d austrillia


guess Kim and Kourtney take miami is next up for E .. and maybe reggie likes the smell of dead fish and burnt trash ?? But we know Reggie is not taking back KIm . This is just another leaked story by momapimp to deflect attention away from her fake wedding and impending doom !!


Hurrrray!!! So happy for u KIM


Reggie/kim a perfect combination!although kim hasnt bin on ha best behaviour..i rily tink a rekonciliation wil b awesome


@Reed shut your face!!!! Or better yet go fuck your mother!!!!! I'm fuckin tired of your retarded comments so buzz of bitch!!!!


We were meant to be Together!


Get rid of the baggage
she not worth tarnishing your image
why she stalking him


Kim kardashian has always been obssesed with Regie Bush, she just married Kris for more fame and money. Kris never actually loved Kim he just wanted some of her millions. Regie Bush shouldn't take her back she's been around too much and that someone he definetly shouldn't take home to mama not some old ass armenian girl with a million plastic surgeries. She's a slut and fake!


If he still Love her, i think he should stop kidding himself

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