Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush: Klamoring for Rekonciliation?

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We called it back when Reggie Bush was traded to the Miami Dolphins, and now the possibility appears to be a reality. If you believe this supermarket tabloid, that is.

The latest issue of Life & Style claims that Kim Kardashian and her serious ex have been talking a lot recently and are considering a reconciliation.

Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush Tabloid Cover

"Reggie reached out to Kim via text shortly after she announced she was filing for divorce to make sure she was okay," a friend says. "They've stayed in touch ever since, texting and talking. Kim was Reggie's first love. He knows she's hurting right now, but when the time is right, he'll swoop in and take care of her."

Previous reports alleged that Bush was desperately trying to stop Kim's wedding to Kris Humphries back in August. He didn't succeed, but, hey, now she's $15 million richer and single once again. Might this reunion have been the plan all along?

Do you wanna see Kim back together with Reggie?


Reggie Bush can do better than this. He had his time with her, now
let it go. She will never be successful at anything while Mom is
in the picture. Her mother dictates every aspect of her life and
she would be up close and personal with any future nuptials. Reggie
do not get caught up with these grifters. They are all money hungry
vixens who will do anything to stay relevant. That is their claim
to fame, No real talent, except for making sex tapes and such.


@ Reed lmfao!! love your comments, Now thats what I call entertainment!! Keep them coming!

Maryanne gaeta

I agree with Darlene one gives a damn about fat a$$ if she's getting back with Reggie Bush or not... TO hear that our soilders were buried in a mass grave like garbage was awful, and the stories about the trashians are so so pitiful....NO ONE CARES....I will say just this: Reggie Bush is the right color for the bitch.....I hate her guts...........PERIOD>>>>>>>>


Talking about second chances, I think both Kim K. and Reggie Bush deserves another chance.


~She like the big bamboo!~


She is such a WHORE!!!!!


she only married kris 4 the money she made off of it n 2 make reggie jealous n her plan worked.shes an evil illuminatti bitch they all are sad but true im over it..


Wow ok look people I love the whole kardashian fam bam...but its their sit here sayin that kim did it for fam and money..YOUR GIVING HER THAT FAM AND MONEY...she has every right to marry and divorce whoever she wants she is a women looking for love...sorry kris u weren't the one...get over it. Kim is a human and humans make mistakes...this was a learning experience for her...I'm happy if she is with reggie or isn't with him...she deserves the best just like everyone else in this world...who r u to judge a women for following her heart...none of us were there in her marriage we only saw what the tv gave us so stop beating kim up when it wasn't ur marriage...mind ur own...I LOVE U KIMMIE


Kim, I would like to see you with less gossip about your beaus and see you in the background for a long time. What you did to Kris is inexcusable...I was glued to the weekly show, then the wedding and now am completely discusted with all of the above. Thought you were very special but not now. You are into MONEY, and nothing else. This will get you nowhere. No husband, no love live except cheap nightly acts, and no valuable family have taken after your Mom, money hungry and should have taken after Bruce, he is the only sane and down to earth human in that family. Stop it with the gossip stories and figure out a way to come back to values, and a loving man like Kris will be really screwed up this time. You are a control freak like your Mom...get a life!!!


Kim must go oneside I can't stand that bitch she gonna be so lonly I don't even watch the show no more khole is the realest out of all

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