Khloe Kardashian: Desperate for a Baby!

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Khloe Kardashian is expecting her second. Kim Kardashian fears she'll never have her first. Khloe Kardashian, however, is dead set on avoiding that fate.

According to the latest issue of Us Weekly, the youngest sister in this nauseating trio has started in vitro fertilization in the hope that she'll soon be knocked up with Lamar Odom's child.

Khloe Kardashian Us Weekly Cover

“Kourtney’s news just highlights that Khloe’s not pregnant yet,” a source tells the tabloid. “She’s thrilled for Kourtney, but she’s really sensitive. And it’s hard to see your sister get something you want so badly.”

The magazine reports that Khloe she’s had multiple consultations about IVF; is taking prenatal vitamins; and is currently prepping for the procedure, which runs about $10,000 to $15,000 per treatment.

"All her friends are rooting for a baby to happen for them," this insider claims. "Because Lamar makes her so happy and treats her so well.”


So we can watch and enjoy them ....maybe one of us can even relate to something they might go through..but thats just the job they signed up for ...just like you or me...whereever u work would suck for ppl to constantly judge you for no reason...just cause ur "outthere".....but ne who straight to my point, get over it stop being so nasty to ppl! Just cause they do something we dont agree with or believe in doesnt mean they deserve to b treated so bad! Khloe is gorgeous! Kourtney is gorgeous! Kim is gorgeous! If you hate someone its cuz u rnt happy with urself look in the mirror....ur beautiful too!


Chole-k only wants a baby so if her husband saids bye 2 here she will still get a some money coming n the door. I love the girl but damn STOP IT!!!!!


you know what? khloe is always bitching and putting down the men her sister's marries or lives with.she is obnoxious and feel her opinion is what matter. Karma is such a bitch. or I guess God is teaching her a lesson.


Kim is disguzsting n has huge butt n theighs shes fat and gross.. nher face is fake.. Shes a lil brat n deserves no one to love her i love khloe!!!


She is not a beast she and lamar are the only ones that have a great relatoionship unlike her so called prettier sisters kim and kourt...which kim looks like a stck up person n no wonder no one will marry her shes beautiful so shut up!!


"Slap stick
December 8th, 2011 8:18 AM
good god this shrek like beast is disgusting." UM, you're disgusting. She's great, so stop coming on here just to bash her. You were obviously interested in the article or you wouldn't have been on here in the first place.


@samantha edwards.......this is the THG site! Not perez hiltons. Not that his site has any diff material. I think all the gossip sites steal each others storys!


good god this shrek like beast is disgusting.


lol too bad THG doesn't read comments. The "quality" (because let's be honest, they've always stolen their stories and had poor writing) has seriously downgraded. This story is so laughable. They constantly talk mess about the Kardashian's and how dumb they are. THG: pot, kettle? This is the last time I'm visiting this site if they refuse to listen to their fans and make it better.


Seriously @Hilton Hater. Next time read your story before posting it. Because this one makes no sense at all!!


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