Keyboard Cat: Now in Cute, Musical, Toy Form!

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Keyboard Cat, one of the all-time classic Internet memes, amassed over 20 million views on YouTube and inspired countless parodies while getting his "theme song" lodged in fans' brains for weeks at a time. Now he has his own action figure!

Is this a great country/Internet or what?

The announcement was made on Keyboard Cat's Twitter earlier this week. Yes, Keyboard Cat has a Twitter page ... see previous point about America and the Interwebs.

Take a look at the Keyboard Cat stuffed toy and the real-life, Casio-playing feline virtuoso who's always ready to play you off stage if you overstay your welcome ...


The problem is, cats don't move like this. They tap keys, they don't thump them. Someone has their hand hidden in the shirt the Keyboard Cat is wearing and is moving him. Also that's why Keyboard Cat isn't watching the keybord - he's putting up with this, but he doesn't like it.
Sadly, this is being shown rather than a real Keyboard Cat - many of whom I have seen videos of - who actually play the keyboard. Not necessarily any tune we'd recognise, but they're not unhappy doing it.