Kendra Wilkinson to Develop Sex Product Line

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Kendra Wilkinson is one of the lucky ones. She will soon make a living doing what she loves: talking endlessly about her sex life.

The former Girl Next Door has partnered with Evolved Novelties on her own line of intimate products, titled LoveCandy, which will include aromatherapy, bath and body products, lingerie collection... let's call them "novelty" items.

Photo of Kendra Wilkinson

"I'm focused on finding that balance between mom and wife and my hectic career," Kendra said of the project. "And I'm always looking for ways to keep the spark in my relationship with Hank. I'm really excited to be creating a line that will help all women take control of their sexuality, and make them feel confident."

A website in honor of the new venture will launch later this month, as Kendra will blog on it, answer reader questions and interact with Evolved Novelties "sexpert" Dr. Ava Cadell.

No, really. That's her title. We wonder what she went to med school for.



I don't care what anyone says! This Trailer Whore is getting Uglier by the Week!


This Bitch will stop at nothing to get money. Her Husband can't find a job largely due to her Trailer Trash ways I'm sure. Usually it takes many years to define yourself as a " Flat on my Back if he's Black" HO! But this Skank has pulled it off quickly. Did she say Hectic Career? Are you kidding- What does this Bitch do all Day besides wait for the phone to ring! Keep a spark in her relationship with Hank! Something tells me that Hank is starting to see the problems she's caused! What I hope she does is loose that Stupid Ass Laugh.


@niki: sorry for saying anything that may have upset you. What is wrong with my grammer though? Yes, kendra can do anything she wants, i dont hate her, i just wish she could do somthing more substantial in her life and not follow in the road that Hugh Hef and all thes other playboy bunnies and centre folds. Im sure you are a kendra fan, sorry if i upset u.peace.


@I hate Hugh Hefner and other Perverts, clearly you haven't gone to university either; your grammar is terrible, as well as your reading comprehension skills. I did no say that sex is the most important part of a relationship, but I did say it was important, as well as the other thing you've listed. You must have never had a relationship if you think otherwise. All I was trying to say is its good for her to do whatever she's doing, that is all.


She looks like Kate Gosselin.
I don't know if that's a bigger insult to Kate or to Kendra.


@niki:clearly she hasnt been to a university then. What shes doing any prostitute living off the street can do aswell. And sex is an expression of love in a marriage but it is NOT the most important part of a relationship, love, caring and forgiveness and a respect for God, thats the important.


Sex is an important part of every relationship. If she wants to help women out with their sexuality that's great! To get 'brain, dignity and higher values' one goes to university, college etc.. That has nothing to do with what Kendra is doing.


No brains, no dignity, no nothing of higher value to help woman with. Only sex sex sex in her mind and she wants others to be like her and stink God hugh Hefner.


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