Katy Perry Divorce: Russell Brand Files on Behalf of Both For Family's Sake

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The divorce of Katy Perry and Russell Brand was months in the making, and the pop star was NOT blindsided by the actor/comedian's filing, reports say.

They decided Brand would file the court papers in the divorce because she didn't want to upset her religious parents, sources close to the couple indicate.

Katy and Russell knew the relationship was on the rocks months ago, but didn't want to bail on the marriage without a concerted effort to work it out.

Sadly, both sides ultimately felt "it just wasn't there."

Russell Brand, Katy Perry

Katy Perry and Russell Brand in happier times.

Katy and Russell were on board with the divorce weeks ago - there was no massive fight that triggered the split - but didn't want to be in L.A. when the papers were filed.

Thus, he went back to England and she went to Hawaii for Christmas.

Fans of Katy know her parents are evangelical Christians, who raised her to believe that divorce is morally wrong. Out of respect to Katy and her family, Russell was the one to officially file; It's unclear how or when Katy will legally respond.

Brand released a statement confirming the split but insisting the two will always love each other and remain friends. Here's hoping that's true, but don't bet on a reconciliation.

These two appear to have had problems since the get-go.

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I knew it! They were never goin 2 last especially if they were seperated 4 many periods of time. WOOHOO! She couldve done better & she will.


I feel for Katy. Russel Brand is a hack who will make out handsomely from Katy's rightfully earned fortune.and I use "handsome" fully aware that he is not.Katy can and will do better. I wish her all the best,but jeez Katy, stop it with these dirtballs and hold off until you find someone truly of your caliber..


Really!!! She is a pop star who sings about partying all night and kissing a girl! Do you really think she cares about what her parents think. Anyway she is grown! Appreciate her parents yes, but it's her life!


@coco I want to know who I'm curious. I didn't know he was with someone else.


Katy Perry is too much for Russell Brand, I saw a divorce happening as soon as they got married.


I love that you people can sit at your computers and judge the quality or quantity of love between two people you've never met. Easy to do when your life choices aren't made available for public review, isn't it? It must be great to live s life where you have never made any mistakes in love. I have to imagine that love in the celebrity spot light is difficult and one you judgemental armchair quarterbacks have never understand. Get a life and stop judging those you envy for their status,money, attention, or whatever it is you feel you're missing in your pathetic lives.


What goes around Perry you only wanted him because at the time he belonged to another woman (Artist)you copied her so much you know who she is.


Dislussional immaturity on all levels!


Even non-religious parents want their kids and their grandkids to be happy. It's harder to be truly happy when families split apart. It's tough enough for "normal" people to commit to their marriages. It's doubly difficult for world-traveling celebrities to stay committed to their families when sycophantic managers and "friends" won't challenge them to work through the tough times to get to the deeper, enduring happiness that often awaits. Only the rare entertainer (Mark Wahlberg) can stay grounded despite the temptations of celebrity culture. Best of luck to Katy & Russell. Good thing they hadn't yet had any kids.


'...because she didn't want to upset her religious parents...'

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