Katy Perry and Russell Brand: It's Over!!

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The Internet may be a "wicked little liar," to use Russell Brand's words, a great deal of the time. But apparently not in this sad case. He's divorcing Katy Perry.

Just 24 hours after Russell was spotted sans wedding ring in London, with Katy 7,000 miles away with friends in Hawaii, the actor filed the papers this afternoon.

Brand personally confirmed the news, saying in a statement: "Sadly, Katy and I are ending our marriage I'll always adore her and I know we'll remain friends."

Katy Perry, Russell Brand Picture

Brand cited "irreconcilable differences" as the reason for the split in the official divorce documents, filed in Los Angeles Friday. The couple married October 23, 2010.

The documents list "community property assets," which may indicate a lack of prenup, or one that does not account for all their earnings and other assets.

The news is surprising and yet not, given recent reports that the couple had been having problems and spending time apart, possibly following a massive fight.

He does not list a date the couple separated, but TMZ reports that Russell Brand may have blindsided Katy Perry by filing the divorce petition. Stay tuned.

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Yes I h8 Brand with her it looked so wrong


So so sad but not surprised i knew it was coming but its for the best if u love somebody then u must let them go they say. All the best to both of them Katy still love you girl...


I don't think there was a prenup. She has a net worth of 55 million and he of 10 million. They have 2 homes: LA 3.3 million which has been on the market and I think NY 2.7 million. It was said she was blindsided by him filing for divorce. It is sad when a marriage ends. I just hope it doesn't become a payday for him. I'm not sure what Kim K has to do with this. I'm sure she didn't want to marry Kris but attributed it to cold feet. They seem to have problems living together.

T jones

Why am I not surprised? Oh,...it's because I had my suspensions about him being in the closet before he got married. But after he got married I was thinking, "Maybe it was my mistake!" Since he's a part of the Hollyweird scene, anything is possible. And wahla! There you have it, the real down-low!

Carol worth

I think they both need to grow up and stop being so "self absorbed." Then, maybe oneday they can have a mutually supportive relationship.


what she ever saw in him I will never know .. love is definitely blind!!

Team me

This is so sad. They always spoke so highly of eachother.. that was real love. Celebrities are so stupid. They're living the perfect life, so they think everything in life is perfect. But marriage isn't perfect.
They will never find what they're looking for when their expectations are so unrealistically high.


Not about who is marrying who, it is about commitment. Russell Brand Files for Divorce from Katy Perry, Divorce files document and official statement here http://ow.ly/8esuN


jesse mccartney wish granted,must b sad bt hapy if stil crushn on katy


HAHAHHA @ rileys comment. yeah missi, stop being a jerk! lmao. i hate kim kartrashian.

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