Kate Middleton Pregnancy Rumors Resurface After Handbag Held In Front of Belly!

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After a brief hiatus, the rumor mill once again is buzzing with reports that Prince William got Kate Middleton pregnant with the future heir(ess) to the throne.

The reason for the most recent speculation? A conspicuous clutch!

When Kate joined her in-laws at a concert at Royal Albert Hall benefiting the Foundation of Prince William and Prince Harry and the Prince's Trust, all eyes were on the Duchess ... specifically her lower belly region, which was covered up! OMG!

Kate Middleton, Clutch

Like the entire cast of Grey's Anatomy holding pillows and plates of food and sitting down a lot and being shown from the neck up, Kate is OBVIOUSLY pregnant, right?

Not so fast.

Middleton cinched a $99 lace-accented Zara sheath (which is already sold out, naturally) with a wide black belt, but when Kate was holding her purse off to the side, instead of in front, her waistline looked as tiny as always.

So ... that's pretty much that.

The ever-stylish princess also wore a black Ralph Lauren jacket, black tights and heels, BTW. She's very pretty and was recently named Britain's Best Dressed.


I hate they're already on pregnancy watch. Can't they enjoy being married for just a minute. I know that due to his station in life that an heir is a must but come on. I'm sure they want to be free for a little while. You know they're both going to be hands on parents, Diana was with William and Kate grew up in a normal middle class family. They probably are going to want to be just by themselves for a while. Any parent knows how much alone time you get with your spouse or even by yourself after kids come along. When they get pregnant I'm sure they will announce it until leave them alone. She's going to be terrified to gain an ounce now.


I cant tell if she is or not but I really dont think she would hide it.


Wooohoooo....She's definitely pregnant!


LOL, I use to cross my hands like that all the time and I wasn't pregnant. It doesn't even look like she's "hiding" her belly. It looks like a normal pose. Besides how much could a tiny clutch cover anyway? It would be awesome if she WAS pregnant cause I bet their little one would be really adorable seeing as they are both beautiful people :)
Anyway thanks THG website for the rumor update. Those tabloid mags just won't quit.

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