Kate Middleton Pregnancy Rumors Resurface After Handbag Held In Front of Belly!

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After a brief hiatus, the rumor mill once again is buzzing with reports that Prince William got Kate Middleton pregnant with the future heir(ess) to the throne.

The reason for the most recent speculation? A conspicuous clutch!

When Kate joined her in-laws at a concert at Royal Albert Hall benefiting the Foundation of Prince William and Prince Harry and the Prince's Trust, all eyes were on the Duchess ... specifically her lower belly region, which was covered up! OMG!

Kate Middleton, Clutch

Like the entire cast of Grey's Anatomy holding pillows and plates of food and sitting down a lot and being shown from the neck up, Kate is OBVIOUSLY pregnant, right?

Not so fast.

Middleton cinched a $99 lace-accented Zara sheath (which is already sold out, naturally) with a wide black belt, but when Kate was holding her purse off to the side, instead of in front, her waistline looked as tiny as always.

So ... that's pretty much that.

The ever-stylish princess also wore a black Ralph Lauren jacket, black tights and heels, BTW. She's very pretty and was recently named Britain's Best Dressed.


Finally! I was wtiiang forever to see these on the blog and they turned out beautifully! Wonderful work as usual Heather! And you and Jath look fabulous, Kate!


Everyone needs to leave them alone Including beyonce And Jay-Z. Weather they had someone else carry their baby Its fine. There's Other people that do It! Its Their life Leave them ALONE they have done NOTHING wrong to you And they have not messed up your life. If you don't care DON'T COMMENT!!!! They are Human just like you And me. Why not Worry about your own Life Instead of getting pissed that Beyonce (If Its true) did not carry her baby. Her belly does not look fake. I'm tired of all these jealous losers! Stop bashing on their lifes!!! They did NOTHING wrong. So what If a couple have someone else carry their baby Its no big deal! GET OVER IT! Let them live their life!


Good news!wish them good luck.


man if she was only 6 weeks in theres nothing to hide. jeez like wtf. and if she refused peanut paste, maybe she doesn't like nuts. They haven't even been married for a year, so maybe the press can back off. obviously theres gonna be an announcment. so just wait


If She Is, She Is Marriage. So Please Leave Them Alone. Thank You!


That is the worst comment put forth to any woman. You can't tell if they're pregnant?!?!?
How large do you have to be to begin with to not notice if you've gained 5 pounds?
If she is a normal woman and photographed regularly at say... 110 lbs, then if she is pregnant and has gained 10 lbs we should see it. ? Whatever...... and what of the comment from Araceli? Beautiful people make beautiful babies??? Good grief if I could tell all of the homely couples I have met that they should not or should never have bred that would be awesome because of the risk of ugly kids! This topic should be dropped before someone gets hurt ; )




It looks like the Duchess is doing something for the Prince's hair! He seems to be growing his hair back after the marriage! Good on her! :)

Patsy collins hood

Who gives a crap?? Not me.

Christine lemm

At least if she is pregnant,she will have real pregnancy symptoms and happenings,and actually look like a pregnant woman.. not like Beyonce.

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