Kardashians Konsider Lawsuit to Kombat Kontemptible Sweatshop Klaims

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Star Magazine has pulled off the impossible: coverage of the Kardashians than actually turns off this attention-crazed family.

The latest issue of the tabloid quotes Charles Kernaghan - the head of the Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights - as saying the Kris Jenner-led clan employs youths in China to manufacture Kardashian merchandize in unsanitary warehouses.

An investigation has been launched into these "slave labor" like conditions - that reportedly include long work hours, meager wages and uncomfortable temperatures - but there's a  problem:

Kardashians Kover Story

Kernaghan says he was misquoted and tells TMZ there's no proof that the Kardashians are involved in any kind of sweatshop scandal. He's never even been to any of the factories in question.

In light of this admission, along with the magazine cover above, sources say the family is set to move forward with a libel lawsuit against Star. Lawyers believe the tabloid should have to pay for damage caused to the Kardashian brand's reputation and, trust us, we hate to agree with anything this family says or does.

But they may have a point here.

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In an efffort to live and let live i've avoided the issue, but now I must finally state something about Kim. Based on the footage of her and her ex when he stated "I've got my baby here". If my memory serves me right it was prior to the wedding. Judging from the expression on her face and her deliberate turning to avoid kissing him. I've concluded that she planned the entire charade and if not at least knew what her intentions were. Based on other issues I think it would be justified to say that she's not the type to even entertain the thought of marriage at least not on an honest level. Her potential to commit adultery is too great. Time for her to be honest with herself.


I hope that the Kardashians FOLLOW THROUGH with this LIBEL lawsuit, because it has been like this for YEARS with these tabloids, but since they are TRASHING the Kardashian businesses, I sure hope that they have enough INTESTINAL FORTITUDE to take it to the MAX.Afterall, putting DOUBT/FALSE STATEMENTS to the public, can hurt/destroy their INTEGRITY.