Kardashian Khristmas Kard: It's Here!!!!

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Oh, happy days. The holidays can finally begin!

Early this morning, Kim Kardashian and kompany released the family's official Christmas card, with each member getting his or her black tie on and Kim, naturally, standing all alone.

If you listen closely enough, you can almost hear the publicist-inspired whining coming out of her mouth...

2011 Kardashian Christmas Card

The photo was snapped by Nick Saglimbeni and there’s a apparently a 3D version available for those that purchase 3D glasses. On a related note: if you purchase 3D glasses to view to view the Kardashian Christmas card, don't stop driving at the store. Just keep right on going to a psychologist's office.

Tell this professional it's an emergency. You clearly need major help.

[Photo: Kim Kardashian Blog]


The card is a bit cold. I didn't even think of the photocrop until it was mentioned. They are spaced awkwardly apart and now I see why. It's ashame they couldn't come together to make it warmer.


Since they are lined up against a wall the only thing that would make this photo better would be a firing squad.


Where is the Christmas theme?!?!?! Its looks like the 2011 Adams Family


I love this family!!!


So stupid Kim is all alone haha! But yes there is no chritmas spirit here maybe next year will be better. Thats if any cares by then.


Sorry, but Mason looks like a little asshole.


Subliminal messages - Kris pushing Bruce away, and the others looking Away from their partners, except for the Jenner girls (?) The empty chair, for the missing son; and Kim, on stilts, because everyone knows in real life she's bearly taller than Mason.
This hurried picture confirms earlier report that they couldn't get together as a group. Everyone was individually photographed and it is a very poor job of photoshop assembly. The shadows of the feet don't even match the shadows on the wall.
Fake greetings from a fake family. meryKrizmas.


true true about Khourtney buying herself a new bum. It wasn't there earlier! Khloe has had 30 lbs photoshopped off too. Too bad because she seems to be the most natural.
Awful card. No warmth or holiday spirit.


You know you are sad and pathetic when you photoshop your xmas card.


Thise money grabbers are now exploiting the birth of Jesus. They obviously dont believe in god. They have exploited murder,marrige,religion,homelessness,Haiti,etc...What's next?

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