Kardashian Khristmas Kard: It's Here!!!!

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Oh, happy days. The holidays can finally begin!

Early this morning, Kim Kardashian and kompany released the family's official Christmas card, with each member getting his or her black tie on and Kim, naturally, standing all alone.

If you listen closely enough, you can almost hear the publicist-inspired whining coming out of her mouth...

2011 Kardashian Christmas Card

The photo was snapped by Nick Saglimbeni and there’s a apparently a 3D version available for those that purchase 3D glasses. On a related note: if you purchase 3D glasses to view to view the Kardashian Christmas card, don't stop driving at the store. Just keep right on going to a psychologist's office.

Tell this professional it's an emergency. You clearly need major help.

[Photo: Kim Kardashian Blog]


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i seriously cant stop laughing...... why is fatass kris the only one in bright blue? who the hell does she think she is?? who do anyyy of these people think they are? theyre nothing. this picture is priceless.. kim only WISHES she was that tall... and kourt and khloe WISH their bodies really looked like that hahahahah keep dreaming karTRASHians.


LMAO at how photoshopped this is!! since when is Khloe that thin? Or Kourtneys ass that big!! And LOL at the fact that Kim and Lamar are the same height hahaha as IF, is she legit on stilts or is this mad photoshop. Also, how does this say merry christmas? This looks more like an ad for Six Feet Under.


They are on a major damage control and still they miss it. APart from 3 Million of naive, bored, curious young women the rest of America 350Million+ do not hate them, they want them gone from the tv, shows, mags, internet etc. THey are an abomination as a family period. Go away as Kate Gosselin did. TV is so much better without her, so follow suit. You are sluts, uncouth, vulgar, unsophisticated and this Christmas photo proves it and Kim is a porn star that was used as an urinal so go away for good. You are all ugly inside and outside and do not represent the typical American family. THank GOd. MB


Wow,how pathetic this family has become. LMAO!!!!


Sickening ass bunch looks like a bunch of whores. Where is the integrity and morals. Fuck off Kardahsians and hope you rot in hell.


LOL I'm sure kourtney is sitting on the chair huh? If ya look at her ass there is no evidence of her sitting on anything. This is so sad! If you have seen their Christmas pictures when they were not famous. They are nothing like this one. Ohh how money changes ppl. Sick!


It is appropriate that the wall behind them looks like a bunch of boobs.


Does anyone else notice Kim is as tall as Khloes husband? They really dropped the ball with this card. Generally Im a fan but I am really surprised someone did not stop this from being released....but then again things are always "leaked" with this family.


What a disgusting group of people. is there anything they won't do for money. Oh well, Daddy did defend OJ didn't he? That's more disgusting.

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