Kailyn Lowry to Jo Rivera: Please Come Back to (and Impregnate) Me!

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After trying out the dating scene, Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry has reportedly decided that estranged baby daddy Jo Rivera is the one for her after all.

She wants another baby with him, as well.

“She is still in love with Jo,” a source close to Kailyn tells Star. “She wants to wait until after she graduates, but she wants another baby with Jo.”

Kailyn and Jo

Earlier this year, Kailyn was going steady with Jordan Wenner, but was anything but faithful, often getting frisky with Jo Rivera on the side! Drama!

“Jo was spending a lot of time with her and their son, Isaac, and basically one thing led to another,” the source says. “Kailyn cheated on Jordan."

Jo, who still has feelings for Kailyn, cheated on his girlfriend, Vee. They broke up, though, allowing the Teen Mom stars to pick things up again.

“When Kailyn and Jordan broke up, she and Jo got together again,” the source says. “Kailyn is a bit torn now, because Jo plays games with her."

But if Jo broke up with his girlfriend and then said he wanted to be with Kailyn Lowry, "She’d do it. She wants Jo, Isaac and her to be a family.”

Keep your fingers crossed, people. Keep your fingers crossed.


Yes! I am so happy to hear this good news I really hope that they get back together I'm happy for them and I hope and pray that everything works out for them good Lufor to Jo and kail.


Atleast she is trying her best to get her family back so isacc can have a dad in his life and wont havee to be like Kailyn's dad that just walked out of her... Good Luck Kailyn


Every women will go back to their baby's father. They'll always have that bond.
Good Luck Kailyn !


Yuck...Jordan is so much better than Jo!

Kellie m

If I wanted to read Star magazine I would buy it myself. Get your own stories ffs. This is a BS story anyway. Kail is the most intelligent girl on the show and smarter than most kids her age. She would not go out and get pregnant again until she is settled. Stop reporting garbage. It only makes you look like garbage Free Britney!!!


aaah young love.

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