Kailyn Lowry to Jo Rivera: Please Come Back to (and Impregnate) Me!

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After trying out the dating scene, Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry has reportedly decided that estranged baby daddy Jo Rivera is the one for her after all.

She wants another baby with him, as well.

“She is still in love with Jo,” a source close to Kailyn tells Star. “She wants to wait until after she graduates, but she wants another baby with Jo.”

Kailyn and Jo

Earlier this year, Kailyn was going steady with Jordan Wenner, but was anything but faithful, often getting frisky with Jo Rivera on the side! Drama!

“Jo was spending a lot of time with her and their son, Isaac, and basically one thing led to another,” the source says. “Kailyn cheated on Jordan."

Jo, who still has feelings for Kailyn, cheated on his girlfriend, Vee. They broke up, though, allowing the Teen Mom stars to pick things up again.

“When Kailyn and Jordan broke up, she and Jo got together again,” the source says. “Kailyn is a bit torn now, because Jo plays games with her."

But if Jo broke up with his girlfriend and then said he wanted to be with Kailyn Lowry, "She’d do it. She wants Jo, Isaac and her to be a family.”

Keep your fingers crossed, people. Keep your fingers crossed.

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I think they should stay together. Jordan seemed kinda aloof like he really didn't know what was going on and seemed a little immature when Kailyn started talking about the whole sex thing. One way or another Jo is going to be in Kailyn's life the rest of his life. It's not about being a Teen it's about loving someone through the good and bad times. I think she was dating Jordan just to try and get over Jo. Jordan gave her the attention she wanted and then when Jo seemed to be getting along with Kailyn things started to look better for the two of them. By not being together and having the joint custody forced them to communicate like civil beings and they realized that they can get along and things can work out. They both love their kid so why shouldn't they love each other? It just takes a little communication.


Not all teen moms are immature. I had my first son at 18, after my husband came back from Iraq, and my son is my whole life. He is extremely intelligent, because I spend time with him, and he is now an amazing brother. Plus, his mommy and daddy are still happily together after 8 years.


The only reason Jo is messing with Kailyn is he doesn't want to pay all that child support.....if they get back together less money out if his pocket. Hello!!! It's funny he wanted to meet Jordan right when the CS case was going on. Ive always like Jo because he seems mature fir his age. Jordan seems like a doofas that's going nowhere. Kailyn was wrong when she was seeing Jordan while still living with Jo. His family was really good to her & she didn't appreciate it. I want them to be together!!!


I want her to stay w/Jordan. He is dn Awesum guy!


Plain stupid! He's going to treat her like shit her entire life, people don't change. The whole world is full of stepparents and theirs a very good reason for that. We'd all like to have "whole" families. Whole families are a home where no one shouts all the time, or holds back money, or treats another like crap. Biology plays no role in that .


I am happy for her but I want her to stay with Jordan


I am a young mom too. I had my son at 19 and yes id love my family to be a real family BUT my sons dad is not the right person. Id figured she see what a real man would be like but she needs to realize some guys are way to immature to be a man at the time. I do not know if my sons dad will ever be an adult for a real functional family. I'll always love him for giving me my son but doesnt mean he is the one for me and my future family.


To "Teenmommy10" , you are absolutely wrong. My baby's father cheated while I was pregnant and I never went back to him. I hardly ever speak to him. I'm 23 years old and my son is 16 months old. I met my fiancé when I was pregnant and we started dating when my son was 3 months old. Teen girls are the only ones that continue to go back to the fathers, because they're young and naive.


This is why kids shouldn't have kids, teenage years are complicated enough without having to worry about dealing with a baby! I hope they work it out


I think only jo wants treat her good whenhe wants to And then treats her like shit to make Him self feel good i dont like this idea

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