Justin Bieber Grants Birthday Wish for Daughter of 9/11 Hero

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In case you needed another reason to love Justin Bieber...

The singer granted a special birthday wish to a special young woman last month, sources tell The New York Daily News, arranging to meet Tyler Ann Zadroga prior to his appearance on The Today Show.

Tyler is the 10-year old daughter of James Zadroga, the first NYPD officer to die of respiratory disease as the result of his work at Ground Zero on 9/11.

The Biebs in NYC

“He made her day,” says Tyler grandmother, Linda Zadroga, told the newspaper, adding that she and her granddaughter also say in a VIP section during Justin's November 23 performance on Today and, as a result: “I’ve got Justin Bieber’s Christmas album playing all over the house.”

This act actually represents the second time Bieber has met the daughter of a 9/11 victim. In June, President Obama actually reached out to arrange a similar meeting between the artist and a young fan.


The more I read of Justin Bieber, the more likeable he becomes. This was a sweet gesture and the child will never forget the moment. I cannot imagine how awful it must be for a parent to be taken in such awful circumstances at such a young age. His (& Selena Gomez) behaviour during the paternity accusation was nothing less than dignified, too. Good luck to him - he's setting a good, selfless example to those who follow him. @ "F*** you JB" - an unnecessary and digusting comment - especially when someone has done a good thing. Why don't you put your energy into helping someone instead of taking time writing vile remarks.


Thats a nice gesture :)


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people can say what they want about him but this kid is a class act. I'm 30 years old and not afraid to say that the biebs is cool! Also, him and Selena make an adorable couple. i like her too (:


Great PR opportunity.


You make your fellow Canadians extremely proud! I hope that our brothers south of the border know how much we care and share with them. You represent us very well and we thank you for being a truly great representative!


it was really sweet of him to grant a fan's wish...We need more celebrities like him :)


Excellent gesture by the Bieb.

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