Josh Krajcik Steps Outside Comfort Zone for "Dirty Diana"

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Josh Krajcik performed "Dirty Diana" on The X Factor last night. At least we think he did. With all the staging and sound mixing and choreography, it was legitimately difficult to hear the singer throughout this rendition.

Which is too bad because we adore Josh. Remember last week's cover of "Wild Horses?" Great stuff.

"That was the first time I’ve seen you step out of your comfort zone. But you landed on your feet," LA Reid told the only over-30 crooner remaining in the competition.

Do you concur? Watch Krajcik's latest now:


Josh is the most talented in the competition, with a close second by Melanie Amaro. This week, Melanie sounded the best in her performance, but I will still vote for Josh! His audition of Etta James "At Last" stole my votes for the season!


Josh Krajcik is my favorite, I love every one of his performances. Last night with the song choice I would have preferred something different like "man in the mirror" or something like that but he was still good - yes it was a little overproduced. All of his other performances have been great and I listen to them over and over - I would buy a CD of his songs in a minute. His voice just gets under your skin and moves you.


Astro, Drew and Marcus need to go.


Josh was wonderful. He delivers on every song and you can understand his words unlike Astro.


Nah his performance wasn't too bad. You could see from the video that he was trying to give it the best he could!!!

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