Josh Krajcik: So Happy for Melanie Amaro!

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There may be one thing Josh Krajcik does better than sing: accept defeat.

The X Factor runner-up may have lost to Melanie Amaro last Thursday night, but you'd hardly know it based on the way Krajcik greeted reporters after the show. He was giddy and gracious.

Melanie Amaro and Josh Krajcik

"It's been an amazing process to be a part of, I've met so many incredible people," Josh said. "I feel like the future's bright and everything I've done in my life has led to tonight. It's a turning point in my life and now it starts. Now I'm ready to get to work."

As for Amaro?

"She deserves to win. She's wonderful. America decided, and she's got such an amazing voice and she's such a great girl. I couldn't be happier for her."

Krajcik added that he's gonna go home for a week and then "go to work" on his singing career. We have a feeling his days of slinging burritos are long behind him.


I will by an album by Josh, he's one of the best singers I've heard in a long time. Good luck to you Josh, hope you make it big. God go with you.


He reminds me of a singer from my youth "David Clayton-Thomas" of Blood, Sweat and Tears -- I would love to hear him cover "Spinning Wheels"!


I only watched the show because of Josh. He was the only real talent. I have lost all Faith in Simon...We have better singers at our church then Melanie D. My own Daughter sings better than Her.. There r so many out there that sound just like her..Boring!!!!


I will be buying Josh's album but not Melanie's I think it was rigged from the start, what with Simon calling her back. Seems suspicious to me.


Josh will go fast, he is far more than just a singer, he is truly the most rounded contestant on the X Fractor. He may not of won the $5 mil., however I predict that you will far surpass Melanie in his career. Stay true to yourself, many are watching to see soar and hear you roar!


Both contestants are incredible! I admire both and one was only able to win!


I am happy for Melanie, but it's not the singing talent alone. Josh has "it", and he will surpass the success of Melanie....


Josh, you are such a blessing to the world. There's something in you that made me want to listen to you more and more! If everyone who rooted for you would have voted you would have won because you are valuable, too much to be given a price! Im sure you will go far. Im still crying because of your loss. :'( I don't know how you can take it in. You are wrong Josh! Melanie didn't deserve to win! You did!!! I wish i could meet you one day, but we all know the posibilities are low. So farewell, i hope i hear from you soon!

Avatar will soar in your music career and I hope to have your first CD in my hands soon becasue you are worth $5 million.



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