Jon Huntsman Plays Piano on Late Show

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In desperate need of a bump in the polls, Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman might consider making this a regular part of his campaign stops.

The former Utah Governor may trail frontrunners Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul where it counts - name recognition - but are any of them in a band?!

After sitting down with David Letterman last night, Huntsman sat in with the band on a rocking version of the Chuck Berry classic, "Johnny B. Goode." Really.

Watch him play the piano on The Late Show below!


Letterman looks like he's been hit in the face with a Hat Full of Assholes!


If the Republicans had a brain in their heads (which they don't, of course), they'd realize that this is the only candidate they have who's sane enough and intelligent enough and moderate enough to actually get enough Independent and Democrat votes to win. No...they'd rather nominate a disgusting egomaniac like Gingrich or Romney, who has been running for president for the last 16 years! Unbelievable!



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