Jon Bon Jovi Dead? No, Singer Helpfully Proves

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Jon Bon Jovi may be wanted dead or alive ... but he's not the former.

He may sing about goin' down in a blaze of glory, but he has not yet.

We're here all day. Despite rumors that Bon Jovi is dead, we are happy to report that he has not been shot through the heart. He's still living ... and not even on a prayer.

Jon Bon Jovi Lives!!!!

As the rumors of Bon Jovi's death began circulating online last night, the rocker must've heard them, because he posted photo of himself in front of a Christmas tree.

Holding a sign that reads "Heaven looks a lot like New Jersey," with the current date and time, he gave a shout out to his home state while proving he's alive. Classic.

The rumor originated when some lame gossip site reproduced a 2009 L.A. Times story announcing the death of Michael Jackson and just put Jon Bon's name in there.

Bon Jovi's friend, David Bergman, posted the above pic on the band's Facebook page with the caption that Bon Jovi "is alive and well." Death hoax? Foiled, hilariously.

Kim Jong Il died for real though. That happened.


@Harley Why read the article. I'm happy he is alive and well, and negative people SUCK! Get a life, don't read about things you don't care about. Seems like a waste of time to me!


Bon Jovi fans care!!! Didn't hear this rumor til now. Glad to hear this!!! My family is a BIG fan of Bon Jovi, Love his music and helping the community. If you're not a fan, why comment?


That is just not very nice to say...regardless if you care for the person or not wishing a death on anyone is not good for the soul. Jon Bon Jovi Death News Fake Story Here


And? Who cares


Oh thank the Good Lord! My 73 year old Mama as well as my 30 year old son were frantic! Being smack in the middle of those two numbers myself...I just refused to believe it! Thanks for not "leveling up" yet Jon. We love you and all you do! A great musician and humanitarian! You are loved by many! Even my one year old grandbaby shakes her booty to your music!


THANK GOD Jon Bon Jovi is still alive and well!!!!

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