Pregnant Jessica Simpson Inks Deal With Weight Watchers; Will Shed Baby Weight For $3 Million

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The pregnant Jessica Simpson has just signed a deal worth $3 million to be a spokeswoman for Weight Watchers, according to a report from the New York Post.

Her weight has been scrutinized in recent years (see fat Jessica Simpson pictures), but now that she's eating for two, she's turning a negative into a positive.

She reportedly fielded several offers from a number of celebrities weight loss companies before settling with the Double-Dubs for a staggering sum of money.

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A source told the Post, confirming earlier reports, "The deal is in place, and after having her baby, she'll start with Weight Watchers to lose her baby weight."

Rumors about the contract began last month, with reports saying that the company wanted to help her get back to her famous Dukes of Hazzard physique.

The brand wants her to use their famous points system to emulate another celebrity spokeswoman, Jennifer Hudson, to "lose a significant amount of weight."

Simpson plans to wed her fiance Eric Johnson after having the baby, which could be another motivation for the former singer and actress to drop weight.

She is expecting a boy or a girl BTW. Crazy.



She gained over 60 pounds and had a 9 pound baby. How does that happen? I just don't understand it. I gained 17 pounds with my son who weighed almost 8 pounds. I was back in my pre-prego jeans in a month after giving birth and I was MUCH older than she was at the time.


Good for her.weight watchers is a healthy approach to a lifestyle,they dont refer to it as a diet. When i was pregnant my dr condoned ww as a great approach to eating to support a healthy pregnancy. Better she choooses something so well received,so normal, as opposed to unhealthy crash diets, pills, or drugs.


Just because you're skinny, that doesn't necessarily make you healthy!!! I'm much bigger than my friend, and her cholesterol is higher than mine!! Plus, you can still be fit, even if you are over weight!! Stop being so judgmental!!


I don't see how all women should always look the same. I have a medical condition that fluctuates my weight no matter how much I eat right or exercise. I will probably never see anything smaller than a size 14. I have many skinny friends, some thick friends and some over weight friends, and I love each and every one of them, because that is how they choose to live. So everybody should think about how beautiful their negative comments make them look and live your lives the way you want.
Not every woman who is over weight is lazy, and not every woman who is skinny is a skank. Sigh...if only the world could harmonize...


The average size is 11-16? That could work if your super tall. Being over your BMI is no big deal BUT being obese is more than the way you look. Health problems normally go along with most obese people. Here's the deal if you know your overweight why do you wear ill fitting clothing? No one wants to see your fat rolls! My size flactuates, I've been all the way up to a size 18. I currently am a size 2. Diet and exercise. Also alot of patience....


I agree with Heidi. If three girls take a picture there is always that fat, jealous girl, giving the other girls a dirty look. Its not our faults you are overweight. If you like being a lard go for it but dont make fun of skinny people cuz we care about being healthy. Quit eating junk.


Omg so if ur skinny ur automatically a bimbo or skank these days. Thats just what fat people say to make themselves feel better. Its really not that hard to not stuff oreos and cheetos in your mouth. What? It's impossible to eat a few carrots???? Your just lazy. Quit hating and making up crap because half of you cant get your fat ass up and exercise and eat completely healthy so you can be healthy too. The average size is 11-16 now a days. Ewww. Size 5-7 is the target weight. E X E R C I S E


Being skinny is over-effing-rated. PERIOD!


first off regardless if i like her or not I think she looked okay before the baby. I dont like skinny bimbo's that flaunt their bodies " oh look and me how skanky I can be and how im gonna f*** your man" kinda look. She is in fact gaining mare weight because of the baby but with her past of up and down weight I think she might be taking a little bit of advantage of this baby thing and splurging on food. I dont think is good that she is using weight watchers and willing to take the money just to lose the weight but the bottom line is lets see how she's gonna do it.. I do wish her luck.


So the deal is to just lose the pregnancy weight? She doesn't have to lose the 40 pounds of extra fat she had before getting knocked up?

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