Jessica Burciaga: Kobe Bryant Mistress?

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Amid reports that Vanessa Bryant caught Kobe cheating recently, speculation is swirling over the identity of the mistress who ended the L.A. Lakers star's marriage.

According to borderline reliable gossip site Media Takeout, Kobe Bryant has been carrying on an affair for months with Playboy model Jessica Burciaga.

In addition to appearing in Playboy, Burciaga has also appeared in men's magazines Maxim, Stuff, FHM, as well as numerous calendars and catalogs.

But has she also made appearances in Kobe's bed?

Jessica Burciaga Playboy Cover
Kobe Pic

Jessica Burciaga in Playboy. In Slovenian. Hot and untranslatable!

The site claims Kobe has allegedly spent a small fortune - well over a million dollars - on gifts and other goodies for Jessica Burciaga over the past few months. 

Supposedly, when his wife found out that Kobe was not only boning Jessica, but using family funds to finance his affair, she decided it was time to file for divorce.

Whoever he was cheating with, Vanessa Bryant found out, and she isn't happy. For what it's worth, Burciaga vaguely denied the allegation on Twitter yesterday.

"People can actually make up stories online about you and people you don’t even know," she writes, without mentioning Kobe Bryant by name at any point.

"My relationships and people I’ve REALLY dated have never hit the Internet, but things that couldn’t be FURTHER from the truth and lies always do,” she notes.

It seems unlikely that Media Takeout would label Jessica Borciaga as Kobe's mistress out of nowhere ... actually, who are we kidding, it's entirely plausible.

Until Vanessa Bryant talks, we have no way of knowing how many girls there were or how he got caught, and we're guessing she won't be blabbing. Ever.

She and Kobe worked out their settlement, in private, before news of their split even got out, and chances are it includes a full confidentiality agreement.

The pair, who have two daughters, did not have a prenup and were married more than 10 years. So Vanessa is getting half, if not more, of Kobe's fortune.

Previous Kobe Bryant mistresses include former Laker girl Vanessa Curry (2008), the Colorado girl who accused him of raping her (2003) and possible others.




Some of you commentors must be ugly lol. You mad at this man yaw don't even know what was goin on in either of their lives. Not the man, the women, or the mistress (if there was one). All you know is what you see on tv or hear on the radio. If its true, so be it but unless you know these people personally......who will ever know. And if he did, that's his business.


I agree Karen! She deserves EVERY PENNY too!!


I think its completely awesome. I knew she'd leave him eventually but Vanessa Bryant is SMART to have stayed for 10 years now she can take his ass to the bank. Clean him out!!


Don't kid yourselves, people put themselves through a lot for 75 million.


Kobe is a self serving thug, what a creep.
Let him whine all he wants, next time think about the children
if you don't give a damn about your wife, he chose to destroy their lives as well.
Self serving thug desrves everything that comes his way.


This story is such bullshit. They don't even have photos of the two in the same room or any type of source to say that they've ever been anywhere near each other. They just figured she'd be easy to use for a story because she's a video girl/lingerie model and she works for Playboy. So of COURSE that automatically means she's a whore who'd sleep with another woman's husband. And also, she's not well-known, so people don't know much about her and so they're taking advantage of people's typical reactions to just assume. So she doesn't have a strong enough fan-base for people to defend her with, "oh no, she would never do anything like that!"


O.M.G. Here is another dumd azz RICH-RICH CHEATER BALL PLAYER WHo got busted once again.. She never ever should of given his azz a chance after dg 1st x. Her fault ha-ha


Kobe is going to end up being alone with women just trying be with him for fame and money. That's a lonely life. He lost his loving wife. And for women that cheat with a married man and they know he is married. u have cursed yourself! You will never get a true love and a faithful mad u will always be the other women.


previous quote: 00ps that was "dumb ass men" not "damn azz" er Leon


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