Jessica Burciaga: Kobe Bryant Mistress?

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Amid reports that Vanessa Bryant caught Kobe cheating recently, speculation is swirling over the identity of the mistress who ended the L.A. Lakers star's marriage.

According to borderline reliable gossip site Media Takeout, Kobe Bryant has been carrying on an affair for months with Playboy model Jessica Burciaga.

In addition to appearing in Playboy, Burciaga has also appeared in men's magazines Maxim, Stuff, FHM, as well as numerous calendars and catalogs.

But has she also made appearances in Kobe's bed?

Jessica Burciaga Playboy Cover
Kobe Pic

Jessica Burciaga in Playboy. In Slovenian. Hot and untranslatable!

The site claims Kobe has allegedly spent a small fortune - well over a million dollars - on gifts and other goodies for Jessica Burciaga over the past few months. 

Supposedly, when his wife found out that Kobe was not only boning Jessica, but using family funds to finance his affair, she decided it was time to file for divorce.

Whoever he was cheating with, Vanessa Bryant found out, and she isn't happy. For what it's worth, Burciaga vaguely denied the allegation on Twitter yesterday.

"People can actually make up stories online about you and people you don’t even know," she writes, without mentioning Kobe Bryant by name at any point.

"My relationships and people I’ve REALLY dated have never hit the Internet, but things that couldn’t be FURTHER from the truth and lies always do,” she notes.

It seems unlikely that Media Takeout would label Jessica Borciaga as Kobe's mistress out of nowhere ... actually, who are we kidding, it's entirely plausible.

Until Vanessa Bryant talks, we have no way of knowing how many girls there were or how he got caught, and we're guessing she won't be blabbing. Ever.

She and Kobe worked out their settlement, in private, before news of their split even got out, and chances are it includes a full confidentiality agreement.

The pair, who have two daughters, did not have a prenup and were married more than 10 years. So Vanessa is getting half, if not more, of Kobe's fortune.

Previous Kobe Bryant mistresses include former Laker girl Vanessa Curry (2008), the Colorado girl who accused him of raping her (2003) and possible others.


No, this story is over. Kobe did an excellent job dodging the bullet of a tragic california divorse under the retched california law. Fact is kobe's done an excellent job of keeping his private life just that private. Fact is perhaps this hot latina, (his wife), is getting the job done and keeping him out of trouble.


Honestly, I don't think jessica had anything to do with kobe. I use to chat with her until about 7-8 months ago. She's a really nice person. So what if she does work for playboy? I'm sure some of the negative comments being left on here is just from jealousy that she's making good money, while the rest of yah's still struggle just to make it pay check to pay check.


PATHETIC.. If he did cheat with this Jessica girl-- what was the outcome? Her being "advertised" as she wanted and him? He doesn't care he's loaded. Bet he's cheated with more than just her...


Kobe should be ashame of cheating on his wife all they want is his money. He should have learn from the first time.


How come he don't go fo' no sistas?


Well ..she’s obviously not intelligent enough for any profession,other than being porno whore
He's probably like sluts and airheads . they all see one thing MONEY
to use and to be used
stupied men


ewl jessica is just another playboy h0 she 29 years old and still spreading her legs for money her parent must really be proud of her.
she worked as a hooker before she;s a cheap h00
a wannabee kim kardashian she obsessed with her


Omg Vanessa is treated so poorly, a 19 year old backup fucking dancer who lived a life of luxury for 10 years and now is being rewarded 75 million for her 'struggles' Bitchez aint shit but hoez and tricks


So glad to know that it's just black men who cheat. Greg Norman, Bill Clinton, Newt Gingrich, JFK, Arnold Schwarzanegger.


If women Can understand that men have animal instinct to conquer. This has been going on since the cave days.
Most men do this anyway it's just that nobody know about the normal guy because that story is not interesting.
If men had some pussy handed to them and he thought wife wouldn't know over 90 percent will take it especially If she is hot.
Ladies quit fooling yourself, leave this man to go to another cheater, lets see how that works out


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